Today for the Care of Tomorrow

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Today for the Care of Tomorrow

And that readers are not always able to distinguish native advertisements well from ‘regular news’. Moreover, readers often reacted more critically if they did realize that they were looking at a native Philippines Phone Number List ad. Native advertising yes or no. Does native advertising have a future? If it turns out that readers only respond positively to native ads if they don’t realize they’re looking at an ad, then we have a problem.

This Article I Discuss Practical

So the question I asked myself at the start of my research was: can we implement native ads in an effective and sustainable way, without misleading readers? If so, how should we approach this? Through my research (interviews and online experiments on Belgian and Dutch news websites) I have found several factors that can contribute to this. I have summarized them in 4 principles.

Innovation Opportunities

Philippines Phone Number List

Relevance Readers often react more critically when they know they are watching a (native) advertisement. However, this does not always have to be the case, as my studies show. Whether readers react positively or negatively depends mainly on their so-called ‘ inferences of manipulative intent ‘. In other words: feelings of manipulation.

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