To Turn This Visit Into A Lead

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To Turn This Visit Into A Lead


You have to provide them with specialized content in exchange for them leaving you some of their contact information, such as their email, address or phone number, through the so-called landing page. To do this, it will be necessary to offer great value content such as: -Ebooks that delve into the topic of interest of your target audience and are interesting for the reader. – Webinars to educate leads and discuss the benefits of hiring your services or purchasing your products.

Interesting or eye-catching events that put prospects in context and feed their curiosity. BOFU stage (bottom of the funnel ). In the last stage and at the bottom of the funnel, we have the users who Malaysia whatsapp number list intend to buy our product and only need one last evaluation to decide. That is why it is extremely important to provide content that helps you make the purchase decision, such as: Product demonstrations or free trials for the user to evaluate if it is what they are looking for.

This Is One Of The Most Effective

techniques as everyone is willing to get or try and enjoy something for free, which they may or may not end up buying. -Cases of previous successes so that future users can verify that your service and product is effective. -Discounts to encourage purchase. Other stages in which a conversion funnel is. The funnel methodology is not only into the three phases according to. The part of the funnel in which the users are. It can into five stages depending on how the client is: -Capturing leads.

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At this stage, the most important thing is to get your future customers. To give you their data so that you can use it in your funnel. -Leaflet. Once this happens. What you have are prospects, we classify the previous leads in order to create strategies according to them, so you save effort by knowing where each of your leads is in your sales funnel. -Chance. In this phase, you must go to find your sales opportunity, that is, you already know what product. Or service the potential customer is most interested in, so you must focus on showing him only what he considers relevant to discard the other information.

Qualification  Measure And Analyze

the interactions that these future customers have had with the products, so you will know what specific interests. They have and what will drive them to make a purchase. -Closing. We are facing the last stage of the sales funnel, in this the lead has already become a customer. That is, they have already made a sale, so the company achieved its main objective. Different stages of the conversion funnel Remember that if you build your conversion funnel strategy well. You will be able to take your leads phase by phase until they become loyal customers.

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