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To Read Throughout This Post


there are enough reasons to implement a CRM in your company. Because this tool not only manages the relationship with customers and creates a database, it also helps you organize tasks, provides you with specialized reports and unites all contacts in one place. As you can see, it offers you benefits that will give you a competitive advantage in the market and will give you long-term profitability. If you don’t know any CRM platform, we leave you the Hubspot one so you can take a look at it and see for yourself all the services it offers. We hope you liked this reading and integrate this tool in your company!

A conversion funnel is an online marketing term related to the commercial objectives that we set ourselves when we start an online business. Likewise, it is a way of classifying and organizing the different stages that consumers go through, from when they generate a need Philippines whatsapp number list they decide to supply it and become customers. How I treat my leads depending on their stage of the conversion funnel What are the stages and how should I treat my leads? TOFU stage (top of the tunnel): It is the first phase, the discovery phase. In it, the user detects that he has a need and begins to look for information to solve it.

At This Stage, You Must Act By Providing

general information about our products and services. Therefore, it is advisable to spread: – Blog articles. In them you can talk about news or market trends. – Publications on social networks that invite your followers to interact to generate engagement. These can be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn… – Videos with tutorials. In them you must show explanations on how to use your product. MOFU stage (middle of the funnel): In this second phase, the user evaluates different options and begins to show consideration and interest in our product.

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To turn this visit into a lead, you have to provide them. With specialized content in exchange for them leaving you their contact information. Such as their email or phone number, through a landing page. To do this, it will be necessary to offer great value content such as: – Ebooks that delve into. The topic of interest of your target audience and are interesting for the reader. -Webinars to educate leads and discuss the benefits of hiring your services or purchasing your products. – Interesting or eye-catching events that put prospects in context and fuel their curiosity. BOFU stage (bottom of the funnel):

At The Bottom Of The Funnel

we have users who already intend to buy our product and only need one last evaluation to decide. That is why it is extremely important to provide content that helps you make the purchase decision. Such as: – Product demonstrations or free trials for the user to evaluate if it is what they are looking for. This is one of the most effective techniques since everyone. Is willing to get something for free, which they may or may not end up buying. Cases of previous successes so that future users can verify that your service and product is effective. –

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