to Perform This Manipulation, the Account Must of

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to Perform This Manipulation, the Account Must of

Course have the rights to modify the properties . To learn more about displaying data that will go up in Search Console, The search engine would therefore have decided to slightly reduce this new white space in order to nibble a few additional characters for the display of the Title and Meta Description tags . Still used for displaying certain data related to the Knowledge Graph and local results, the new white space located to the right of the Desktop results would now be reduced accordingly. Summary : Mobile and Desktop: the new size of Title tags on Google From now on, Google will no longer display Title tags in the same way on mobile results and those dedicated to computers. Here are the differences.

The new Title tag size for Desktop (PC) results: On computers , the display of Title tags will now be a maximum of 70-71 characters where we could until now add between 50 and 60 characters for a full display in Google results. Depending on the type of character used Denmark WhatsApp Number List or lowercase), webmasters and SEOs can therefore, if they wish, add around 10 additional characters to the old, correctly optimized Title tags without this affecting their full display in the SERPs. Depending on the size of the words and once again the size of the characters, it will now be possible to add between 1 and 3 additional words to the new Title tags , which can be very useful for optimizing your SEO click-through rate .

Here Is an Example of a Title Tag with 71

Characters displayed: new title desktop The new Title tag size for mobile results For mobile results. The new maximum Title tag size that. Google can now fully display will be approximately 78 characters . There will therefore be between 7 and 8 characters of difference. Between the maximum size displayable on mobile and that on desktop. Here is an example of a. Title tag displayed on Google mobile results with the new character limit: new mobile title Mobile and Desktop: the new Meta Description size on Google On Google Desktop results, Meta Descriptions could now be displayed on 3 lines and display up to 268 characters (in some cases, the meta description now even contains up to 300 characters since December 2017).

Per line, Google could allow the display of approximately 90 characters. Until now, the search engine still displays almost exclusively the first 160 characters of the Meta Description, but some queries are already impacted by this change. On mobile, the character limit displayed for the Meta Description seems to remain unchanged for now. How to choose the ideal size. This modification of the displayed size of the Title tags and that of the Meta Description would have been observed for the first time on Google on May 4, 2016. However, nothing has yet been confirmed on the Google side. So we do not know if this is a test or a real update of the display of results in its search engine.

Update Google Has Officially

Confirmed that the meta description now longer than 160 characters on certain. Queries (with a maximum of around 300 characters). Of course this change only concerns Google for the moment ! If Google has more than dominant market shares in. France it is not the same for all markets. In the United States, Bing and Yahoo also have a significant market share (around 20%. So we must not forget that these search engines do not work like Google for the display of. Title tags and the meta description. any details on the elements to be corrected . It also does not provide links to useful resources for optimizing items detected as “to fix”.

This new “Test My Site” tool will therefore only be of interest to users who wish. To obtain a quick summary of the performance of a page or a site without having access to more technical details. On the occasion of the Search Marketing Summit in Sydney. Webmaster trends analyst Garry confirmed that Google would soon take into account the loading. Time of mobile and responsive sites as a positioning factor on its mobile results. Until now, the loading time of mobile versions did not impact the ranking of. Google mobile results because the search engine only took into account the loading time of the desktop version to rank mobile results.

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