To Calculate The Engagement

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To Calculate The Engagement


Of your profile the formula is as follows: Total interactions / people reached x 100 An example, the total number of interactions on an Instagram post would be the sum of the number of likes, the times it has been shared, the times it has been saved, and the total number of comments, all divided by all the people who have seen the post. publication, and the result of that division is multiplied by 100. Social Share of voice KPIs The number of followers is no longer a reliable indicator,

that having a very high number will lead to better engagement or generate more conversions. In addition, in recent years, controversy over the purchase of followers by companies or Panama whatsapp number list has grown . So the SSoV KPI shows us how many people are talking about you, that is, they are all the mentions that they make of your brand. The greater your participation in social networks, the more popular you will be

You Will Achieve A High Percentage

of your followers becoming customers. SSoV = Views / Mentions of your brand in RRSS x 100 KPI CTR CTR or Click througnt Rate , this metric indicates the number of clicks that a publication receives in the RRSS with respect to the number of impressions obtained. The formula is the following: CTR = No. of clicks / total impressions x 100 This KPI is usually applied when we carry out advertising campaigns, to know if the ad is being effective and the objective is being met. KPI Conversion Rate It is one of the most important, because it indicates

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if the publications are effective and a conversion is, this a purchase or a subscription. That is, it shows us what percentage of visitors are meeting the objective set by your brand. Total number of conversions / number of visitors x 100 For example. The number of conversions you can measure is the total number of purchases on your website through a post on your Instagram profile. ROI KPIs ROI or return of investment , in Spanish would be the return on investment, and this calculates the profitability of your campaigns,

so you know if the investment you

have made in an ad is profitable. It allows you to know if the money you have invested is generating losses or profits. ROI = (Benefit / Cost or Investment) / Cost or Investment x 100. This metric is essential, calculating it will help you make better future decisions. Since you will know if your actions are profitable. In addition to having more information to evaluate if your strategies are profitable. There are many more KPIs for social networks that you may find very interesting,

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