Tips to Create the Perfect Valentine’s Email Subject Lines

Adding GIFs to your emails is a great way to add some engaging, dynamic content that helps your campaigns stand out. Tips to Create the It’s not always straightforward though. In the post, we’ll tell you exactly how it’s done.

For a format created in 1987, GIFs can do a lot to make your email marketing efforts seem modern. They’re not just for fun and memes, either; sometimes, GIFs can communicate ideas or concepts much quicker than words or still images.

However, GIFs only work if they, well, work. If a GIF shows up as a still image or take seconds to load, you’ve lost any advantage the format might bring.

You’ll also want to make sure your

GIF is a maximum of 600 pixels wide (typical newsletter width), so it’s not cut off on smaller phone screens. Keep your audience’s data in mind, as well; the target file size for your GIF should be 0.5 MB. You can go up to 1 MB if necessary, but smaller Qatar WhatsApp Number Data files mean quicker downloads and less chance to lose a viewer. GIF file too big? Try reducing the number of frames using a tool like . For GIFs you made, you can also try limiting the number of colors used.

Finally, add some alt text for those who are using screen readers or have switched off image loading entirely. This is a good accessibility practice for every image you post on your website, on social media, and in emails.

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Whether you have a GIF ready to go or you’re trying to familiarize yourself with the format, knowing how to put a GIF in an email is only part of the picture. Make sure you not only add your GIF correctly but also choose the right GIF by following these steps.

Optimize your GIFs for email

Every modern email platform allows you to, but they can’t guarantee an identical user experience. User variance — from screen size and internet  B2C Phone List speed to the option to turn off GIFs in Microsoft Outlook — means you have to be careful to make sure your readers don’t miss out on anything. is a quick way to make sure everyone sees the message you meant to send.

Everything you need your audience to see should be visible in the first frame of the GIF. Tips to Create the Switching off GIF animations, as some email clients allow you to do, doesn’t lead to a blank box — it just shows a static image. That picture might not be able to communicate quite as well as your GIF, but it should cover the basics.


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