Time Consumers Are Increasingly

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Time Consumers Are Increasingly

For that reason, I don’t think Pinterest is obvious, but I’d love to see positive B2B experiences in the comments! Also, read Pinterest: boost your blog in 8 steps What does Pinterest yield Traffic to Saudi Arabia Phone Number List your website is interesting, but ultimately you want social media to contribute to your sales. Market research firm Neustar investigated the effect of Pinterest’s deployment on the sales of three luxury retail brands in the US.

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This led to some interesting results: Customers who already interacted with the brand on Pinterest spent 40% more. Ads were 30% more effective than other online ads. Pinterest reduced conversion times. With advertisements, this was 40% faster. Image matching the subject of the text: Pinterest. A content strategy Your strategy is of course related to your goal.

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Do you use Pinterest to increase your brand awareness, load your brand or generate leads or sales? Is inspiring or, on the contrary, informative and useful content appropriate? Or is your content aimed at direct sales? These choices determine whether you choose Pins with products, short videos, atmospheric images or images of practical applications, infographics or step-by-step plans.

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