Three Profitable Overseas Opportunities – Banking, Currency and Foundations

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Three Profitable Overseas Opportunities – Banking, Currency and Foundations

The world is changing and changing rapidly. Who would have thought that Asia’s small economy would emerge from its worst recession in seventy-five years? Who would have thought that a country like Peru would buy dollars to change exchange rates and support the dollar? This is a new world where New Zealand may be the best place to start a banking business, even though NZOFC can’t be called a bank! However, a proven offshore asset New Zealand phone number list  management solution such as the Panama Private Interest Foundation remains a profitable and safe offshore solution alongside offshore banking and opening a forex company.

More and more people are moving their assets, talents and themselves outside of their home countries and into a busy, hard-working and lucrative offshore world. The very rich have been banking in countries that have benefited from taxes for many years. They continue to use the protection and confidentiality of offshore assets such as trusts, companies and international foundations to protect their assets from prying eyes and reduce the tax consequences of inheritance. However, an influx of foreigners from all over the world moving and doing business opens the door to lucrative offshore investment opportunities.

Three lucrative overseas opportunities to start a bank, start an offshore forex company, and use a private interest foundation in Panama as a property, plant and equipment owner, business, and bank account owner. In today’s fast-paced world, there are many options. We chose all three for their combination of features and safety.

21st Century Offshore Banking: GONZO

There are many offshore banking courts. There are also a number of jurisdictions where individuals or legal entities can obtain licenses and set up businesses to provide banking services. When choosing a jurisdiction for offshore banking services, individuals or companies want to seek out a country that is business-friendly, democratic, politically and economically stable. The English speaking nation, still a universal language, is a plus. At the very least, this nation must have adequate business support infrastructure and, ideally, world-class telecommunications, transportation and support services.

New Zealand is a country that offers prime offshore banking opportunities and meets the criteria necessary for a successful offshore operation. This former colony of the British Empire is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean to the east of Australia. The population consists mainly of British immigrants and is predominantly English speaking. The country is well-managed, with little or no corruption, and the standard of education is as good or better than that of the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It is a business-friendly country known for its innovative spirit.

Of our three successful offshore opportunities, we top the list with New Zealand Offshore Finance Company (NZOFC). This type of b2c phone list company is not regulated by the banking laws of New Zealand or the Federal Reserve Bank of New Zealand. There are no capital reserve requirements when creating an NZOFC. The laws of New Zealand are very specific because NZOFC cannot be called or implied as a bank. However, such companies can accept deposits from anywhere in the world outside of New Zealand. It can pay interest, make loans, invest in markets, manage trusts, and provide almost any service that a bank can offer. Anyone from any country can apply for an NZOFC administrative license.

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