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This Platform Can Help You Manage


Your subscriber lists, create email campaigns and review campaign reports. MDirector . It provides very complete data and allows what is known as SMS Marketing, an action that we have been forgetting, but that we should continue to take into account. Doppler . Not bad at all if you are a company that is just starting out in the world of email marketing . It allows you to send emails to around 500 subscribers. 6 essential tips to increase the opening rate of the email Finally, to close the topic of newsletters, we are going to give you some tips so that your opening rate is successful.

Review your list of subscribers and make it more attractive. At this point the so-called double opt-in system also enters. This consists of, once the desired and interested person has subscribed, sending an Albania whatsapp number list with a link. If this contact really wants to subscribe or be informed, they will click on the link again. Know your audience and segment your campaigns. As we have already mentioned, hyper-segmentation is necessary to offer the best content to each user.

Some Of The Ways In Which

you can segment them are: by gender, by age, by geographic location, by the position in the company they work for or by their interest in receiving commercial offers. Choose a suitable day and time for delivery. As a warning, we tell you that, in general, Monday is usually a bad day to send emails. You come back from the weekend and find your inbox overflowing is usually not very pleasant. The same goes for Friday. Since that day the tray and email are usually left clean to rest and disconnect at the weekend.

Albania whatsapp number list

So from Tuesday to Thursday you can choose your preferred option or the one that you think may be the most successful. Take maximum care of first impressions . As in life, in general, first impressions count a lot. Therefore, a good image of our mail and our first newsletter can make us add many points. Set up an effective CTA. A call to action is a message that can sometimes become a reason for failure for many email marketing campaigns. Consider that if your CTA is not visible, the user may not even be interested in searching for it.

However, Do Saturate

their emails and look for an attractive or curious call to action. You can use text, images, bold fonts, etc. Write your emails in the first person. The tone of your emails should be as if you were speaking to one person. Likewise, it is better to talk about you than about you to bring closeness to the situation. Even if your company allows it, you can add emoticons, gifs and funny memes, always depending on the audience you are targeting. Also, for most SMBs, it is easier for subscribers to associate the company with the person they normally talk to, rather than the company name.

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