This Latest Update Having Impacted a Good Number

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This Latest Update Having Impacted a Good Number

Of international websites, Google would perhaps like to space out the launches of large filters such as Penguin’s. Still, this new Penguin 4.0 update will arrive sooner or later and will once again tackle fake and over-optimized links . Penguin 4.0: There’s still time to clean up your link profile! The good news in all of this is that you have more time to analyze and sort through your backlinks , thanks to Google’s disavowal tool in particular (if you have your hands on over-optimized links, the best thing is not to disavow them but to de-optimize them or delete them if they are of poor quality). Consideration of disavowal files can take some time, it is still advisable to carry out this sorting as soon as possible to pass the next Penguin update as calmly as possible.

Many websites were positively or negatively impacted around November 19, 2015. If Google has not confirmed any Google Panda or Penguin updates, many sites would have been impacted in France and around the world. It would therefore seem that a new update to Malaysia WhatsApp Number List ‘s main algorithm was deployed around November 19, 2015 . Google had recently announced that an update to its Penguin filter, Penguin 4 , was going to be rolled out very soon, but John Mueller confirmed on. Twitter that he had ” nothing to announce ” regarding the recent changes seen until Poland. Also added that hundreds of updates were deployed each year without anyone knowing.

Thus, This New Unnamed Update Would Therefore

Not linked to known updates such as Google Panda. Google Penguin or Hummingbird and Pigeon because Google indeed has the habit of announcing this type of update . Quality Update Did Google update its site quality algorithm in November 2015? For my part, I’m leaning more towards a ” Quality Update ” of the same type as the one that was deployed last May and formalized / announced by Google only a few weeks after its deployment. Why ? Because one of the sites that I manage had been negatively impacted at this time and this time was impacted very positively.

I have also received feedback from other webmasters who have. Also noticed a strong improvement in their positions and their traffic from Google after this latest update. If Barry Schwartz, from Search Engine Land , called this new update “Phantom. Or “Phantom 2” if you don’t count the one in May, it’s above all because we have evidence that things are happening. passed around mid-November but no official announcement made to confirm these suspicions so far. New Algorithmic Update from Google: Winners and losers. If we cannot yet tell you more about the criteria taken into account by this update to recalculate the.

Pixmania’s Seo Visibility Is Also Down

positioning on the Google search engine. It would seem that many very diversified sites impacted positively but also negatively. Analyzing a few well-known sites such as and Understanding Choisir  we see that on these 3 examples. The impact negative even very negative. November 19  Cdiscount’s SEO visibility down from November 19. Low visibility seo cdiscount the period of late November early December should a period of traffic growth for online stores, the e-commerce leader in. France Cdiscount seems to clearly negatively impacted  this recent SEO update visible from the 19 November.

low visibility seo pixmania The drop observed on Pixmania is much more obvious from November 19th. This sudden drop, on the other hand. Follows a gradual drop in traffic. Dramatic drop in the SEO visibility  Understanding Choisir in the natural results: reduced visibility understand choose. If Google tends to usually favor sites that offer a lot of content. This update even seems to have impacted sites that mass-produce content such as Understanding Choisir (beyond content, would it be the network of sub-domains of. Understanding Choisir that would targeted here? An in-depth audit would surely make it possible to better understand this sharp drop).

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