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This Knowledge Society

It is the platform where all information is available and where matters can  arrang. With the proliferation Cayman Islands Phone Number List of smart devices, personal assistants, and other IoT applications, pursuing an open data strategy is becoming essential. In fact, some experts expect that their own websites as we have them now will disappear in the coming years.

There Is a Lot of Dissatisfaction

What then remains is the content and business logic to unlock it. An example of this can  seen in the financial world. Since January 1, 2018, banks are oblig to provi customers with their financial data separately from the bank’s interface. The PSD2 legislation. This means that you can start banking with another app.

Objective Decisions Not Always

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The keyword for the coming years is an API: Application Programming Interface. With this, you can not only offer the content of your organization on the site but also make it available on your app, intranet, and digital resources of third parties. BeterDichtbij With an open data strategy you ensure that your content is distributed within the digital healthcare network.

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