This Can Then Create a Kind

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This Can Then Create a Kind

The doctor, nurse, or therapist can tailor the complexity of the information to the level of the patient. He or she Belarus Phone Number List can use visual aids and ask control questions. Also read: Comparison sites in healthcare: collect reviews in 4 steps But with the overload of the healthcare professional, the key question is: can this 1-on-1 information be digitized? A good example of this is Thuisarts.

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home doctor Thuisarts is the largest independent website for health information in the Netherlands. Every month has about 4 million visitors, of which about 80% via Google. With the arrival of, the number of telephone calls and visits to the general practitioner has fallen by 12% . This also applies to consultations.

Efficient Solutions Are Therefore

Belarus Phone Number List

Of the elderly and people with a low socioeconomic status. The number of telephone calls and short consulates decreased while the number of long GP consultations (20 minutes) increased. This means that especially low-complex, telephone contacts decreased after the launch of This leaves more time for more complex disorders and issues.

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