This Ad Is Known As A Banner

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This Ad Is Known As A Banner


The top or side of the website. In general, the most common banner is the one that combines image and text. Thanks to technology, these banners have evolved to make them as interactive as possible. To achieve a better interaction with the user, audio and video are included, which are more dynamic and attractive formats than the image with text. But now we are going to focus on display advertising within the giant Google. What is Google display? Surely the Google Adswords or Ads tool sounds familiar to you, because within the world of digital marketing it is widely used.

This is Google’s advertising platform, where any company or user can advertise through it for a fee. Carrying out campaigns with Google Ads can help you get more traffic to your website, increase New zealand whatsapp number list and convert users into customers. Within Google Ads there are two types of advertising: The search network. They are those ads that appear in the SERP of the search engine, and the advertiser only pays if the user clicks on the ad. It is to generate traffic to your website. This advertising appears when the user performs a specific search in the search engine, which in this case is Google.

The Display Network

The ads do not appear on the Google results page, but appear directly on the web that we have chosen in advance. Through display advertising you can draw the attention of users and show your products. Unlike the previous one, this advertisement does not appear when you perform a search. google-g9759a4da5_640 Techniques to make a good Google Display campaign Google Ads is the perfect tool for search engine marketing or SEM. But it is necessary to have some clear concepts to make a good Google Display campaign.

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Here are some techniques for you to apply in your company: Define your goals Before doing any campaign you should set one or more objectives, which are realistic and consistent with your business. It is the first step that you must take into account because all your strategies  on achieving it. Google display campaigns are adaptable so you can use them at different stages of the conversion funnel. Although the most normal is to use it in the attraction phase and in the last phase, when the user is ready to convert.

Keywords Within Digital Marketing

they known as keywords, and they refer to one or a set of words that users  perform an internet search. Keywords are important because they are the terms that users use to do a search, so you want to know them to use them in your ads. Thanks to a good selection of keywords , you ensure that your ad campaigns. Work and shown to your potential customers thanks to segmentation. But to decide if a keyword interests you, you have to take into account its search volume, the competition and the price per click (if you are going to bid on it).

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