These Positioning Criteria Are Also to Be Dissociated from Traditional

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These Positioning Criteria Are Also to Be Dissociated from Traditional

SEO positioning factors (even if they are close) because they. Only affect companies that have a Google My Business page and not all sites. Thus if this update, which has not been officially announced the search engine. Will clearly change the situation for many SEOs accustomed to using the tool for their analyses. From now on it will no longer be possible to obtain precise search. Statistics on specific terms without their statistics being combined with those of other more or less similar terms. franchise google keyword tool Let’s take a concrete example, during our test,

Google Keyword Tool gave us the combined search volume for three words, which are certainly similar, but which are in reality very different and reflect very different searches and intentions: ” franchise “: this generic keyword can translate a search for definitions for the word “franchise” alone (which moreover has several possible meanings) “ franchises ”: this generic keyword Croatia WhatsApp Number List translate a search for a list of franchises, a franchise directory, etc. “ franchisee ”: this generic keyword probably translates a definition search for the word “franchisee” and not “franchise” If the last word clearly does not have the same meaning as the first, the combination of the first 2 could at a pinch make sense or be understandable, even if in reality the very important search intentions in SEO are not the same (Search intentions are also very important for writing Adwords ads).

Thus, for These 3 Keywords, Which in Reality

Do not have the same search volume at all .Google shows us an identical average monthly search volume of 33100 based on the volume. Of the most searched and adding to the latter the search volumes of all nearby possibilities. If “franchise” is actually. Searched approximately 27,000 times per month on average on Google but all related terms are searched overall 6,100 times per month. Google will therefore now display 33,100 monthly searches per month on ALL associated terms.


As this screenshot below proves this update to the tool appears to made to originally. Combine search volumes: acronyms with their meaning, words with a very similar spelling. With or without accent, with or without “s” at the end  misspelled words with their correctly spelled version. Google keyword planner seo What is surprising, however is that very similar keywords with an extra space are not grouped together. This is particularly the case for ” webmarketing and web marketing. Planner web marketing It’s very surprising when we see that Google combines. The search volume. Of acronyms with their full version (the case of “SEO” and “search engine optimization” for example).

Has Google Forgotten This Scenario or Would It

More complex to group than the others? It’s possible. Summary : What will be the concrete impacts of the Keyword Tool update on SEO and SEOs? This update of the Google Keyword Planner tool could have many negative impacts on the analyzes of SEOs even if in view of our tests. Requests will impacted. The MAJ could therefore: negatively impact advertisers. Who use the tool to choose which keywords to target on Google and which ones they will target with highly specific ads. Going further, will exact targeting of “franchise” now mean that the advertiser will also buy the word “franchisee”

This update might let us think s impact SEOs who use the tool to find new. Keywords to target  also to estimate the competition and potential traffic that these queries can generate to their website. Negatively impact SEOs who, in the case of a new keyword analysis. No longer able to know which keyword is the most searched for in a group of combined keywords since they. All have the same volume of average monthly search displayed (which now have to duplicated during analyses. Webmarketers who have until now used the tool to analyze search volumes and seasonality for very specific keywords.

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