These Instructions Have Been Online for Several

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These Instructions Have Been Online for Several

Years now but are only very little followed by webmasters and bloggers. Would Google like to give this new article a little reminder. Raising fears of a future sanction for bloggers who do not follow its instructions? rules. It is very likely, even if in reality, beyond the unverifiable denunciations. What are Google’s official guidelines for sponsored posts. Officially, Google wants all external links that point to sites related to the company behind the sponsored content to.

Google justifies this request because these unnatural links have a direct. Impact on its PageRank and the ranking of sites in its natural results. The search engine indicates that all these links are concerned: the official website of the sponsoring company company. Social Georgia WhatsApp Number List the page of an online store that markets the product of this company. The page of a site that evaluates the product with user reviews including the company’s mobile. Application download page on an external platform such as the Play Store or the App Store In France. according to article L.121-1 of the consumer code, any sponsored article must. Announced as such via the mention sponsored article.

This Mention Can Be Added Anywhere in the Article

In addition to this legal constraint. Google also invites bloggers and webmasters to indicate when it is indirectly a sponsored article. In the case of a product test sent free of charge for example. These instructions are valid for sponsored articles written following. A donation or loan of product but also for other sponsored articles, it is then up to you whether or not to follow these recommendations.

Be aware that the primary risk to your site if you don’t follow these guidelines. Is receiving a manual fake outbound link penalty from Google. In the event that this would happen, a cleaning of your site would have to be carried out to get out of this penalty. This type of penalty does not always have a negative impact on your site’s SEO traffic, unlike algorithmic penalties. Isn’t Google abusing its dominant position a little too much? Google is well aware that bloggers have every interest in following the quality guidelines of its search engine if they want to obtain traffic that they can then monetize.

with More Than 95% of the Search Market

Share in France ahead of Bing, DuckDuckGo and. Google is in a very strong dominant position a position it uses on many occasions to try to impose things on webmasters. (nofollow tag, mobile compatibility, HTTPS). If sometimes these. Recommendations are beneficial to everyone (mobile compatibility and HTTPS for example. Their task easier letting webmasters do the work of distinguishing quality natural links and others at their discretion. Google is going to put an end to the Toolbar

The data only no longer updated as the case for a few years they will soon no longer be displayed at all! If you still use the Google PageRank Toolbar today to determine the popularity of a site or a page, know that this indicator will soon no longer be visible at all! Google had already announced in 2014 that this PageRank Toolbar would no longer be updated with the latest internal data.

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