These Insights I Have Been

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These Insights I Have Been

The website has  view 1 million times and the organization is call flat. In times like these, Rolf Dobelli can offer a solution. Who? Rolf Dobelli, remember China Phone Number List that name. Dealing with news In Het Nieuwsdieet (aff.) the Swiss author and businessman describes how you can deal with the infodemic of the moment. His solution is simple and richly substantiated: stop reading news like a cold turkey. Newsdetox to the max.

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That’s the best way. You don’t miss anything, your general development does not suffer (on the contrary) and you become a lot more relaxed and happier. Says the Swiss-based on convincing arguments and his own experience. It’s my experience too. I am professionally involved with media literacy, infobesity, information overload.

Functionalities Are Constantly Being

China Phone Number List

The influences of media consumption on people. It fits into my circle of competence and experience, so to speak. In addition, since January 1 of this year, I no longer have any subscription to newspapers or magazines and my RSS news feeds are gone. I don’t watch any opinion programs and I have unfollowed dozens of news accounts on Twitter. I hear my news anyway.

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