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There Is a Collection of Visual

Takes all, the for control and regulation means that. AI is mainly us as a tool to increase human intelligence, or augment intelligence. Geopolitical interests, however, create tensions.  Estonia Phone Number ListGovernments are doing everything they can to avoid falling behind. Who is going to win the rat race for AI? The winner takes all Implications If the scenario of The winner takes all actually lead to one winner, we as the Netherlands.

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run the risk of losing ‘everything’. We will then no longer seen as a knowledge country. our universities will no longer have add value and our people will no longer  The few AI talents that    Jobs and companies disappear. This can make us completely dependent on international private organizations.

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winner, according to this reasoning, would obtain complete world dominance. If you’re the best at something, you can take over entire markets. However, the cultural differences are too great to let this pass without conflict. Where, for  prosperity arises when the government is given ample space, America believes that prosperity arises when the market is given a free hand. Geopolitical tensions

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