The things we love most about Panama

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The things we love most about Panama

There are tens of thousands of North Americans, Europeans and many others living in Panama trying to create this refuge in Central America. In conversations with friends and relatives, the question often arises what do you like most about Panama. The people who have lived here for a long time have a different point of view to share. So Colombia cell phone numbers list this writer asked communicators at American forums in Panama and El Vale, “What’s one thing you like in Panama?” This article is a compilation of their answers.

Clyde likes the fact that Panama is close to Colombia. Clyde is ready. Access to Colombia can be reached in a few hours by plane or on a pleasant sailing trip through the San Alas Islands.

Richard loves women and I agree that we are a lovely group of women.

Michael appointed President Ricardo Martinet, a well-educated businessman from the United States and Coats Rice who owns a successful supermarket chain in the country. Under his leadership, he attacked criminal elements in government and on the streets. Watch who won.

Janice appreciates the beauty of diversity. Panamanians, other immigrants from Central America and the Caribbean and North America live in a history of racially tense during the construction of the Panama Canal and the American military presence and now live together without tension. The cultural diversity lends itself to good companionship and interesting restaurants that offer a wide choice. Both are essential elements for my taste.

Cherry, Ambulanceman, Robert, Mary, Fred and Linda share heartbreaking stories about the Good Samaritan. Their story demonstrates the Panamanian people’s willingness to help them in an emergency. It doesn’t matter that helping means getting away from them, sometimes late at night, to make a difference. We all look forward to meeting these kind-heated citizens when we need help from strangers.

Robert mentioned the politeness of the people. Most people who enter an elevator or public place do not hesitate to greet you with “Buenos Dias” (good morning). It’s common for someone entering a restaurant to say “burn compare” (in translation, enjoy your meal). When my husband and I take public transportation, we always say “Buenos Dias / trades”. More often than not, we get cheerful answers.

ND likes the weather and prefers an unpredictable life. Every day is different and something funny and unexpected, good or bad, happens that will remind you to have a sense of humor and not be too sensitive about life. My recommendation b2c phone list regarding the weather is to always carry a good umbrella with an emphasis on the word “good”. You will use it during the rainy season for obvious reasons and during the dry season to protect yourself from the sun. Panamanian women carry umbrellas when it is raining or sparkling.

J is blessed to live in an area with many species of colorful birds, more than 140 to be precise, 21 of which are hummingbirds. Waking up to their melodious vocation as well as observing their natural habitat makes bird watching a useful past.

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