The Switches From Information

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The Switches From Information

But you can also buy stuff right away. Complete with ‘shop the look’ signs where you can collect all your retro living room furniture in one fell swoop Screenshot of content from Fonq on Turkey Phone Number List Pinterest. Respond to trends with content What’s hot in 2020? Pinterest makes a number of predictions itself and there is actually a theme for every company that you can do something with.

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Examples of themes are the universe, back to the 90s, back to nature, balance, and your home as the central place for all your activities. You can find all themes for 2020 here. Do you want to know which topics are trending when? The Pinterest overview of 2019 gives a good idea of ​​when which topics were current.

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Turkey Phone Number List

That overview sometimes leads to surprises. For example, the December holidays start to become relevant for Pinners as early as June. In the report, you can also see how popular certain topics are so that you can assess whether inhalers are relevant to you. In addition, Pinterest also publishes trends for the current.

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