The Scenario of the Singularity

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The Scenario of the Singularity

And in the coming decades, we will enter the era of “Zero UI”: there is no longer any need for an extra interface Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List layer in the form of a screen between man and machine. Just the natural interaction of speech. . A My-environment that is really for me Mr. Jansen (60) recently received a letter from his hospital with an invitation to create an account.

Here Due to the Monoculture

Now he takes such letters from governments or healthcare organizations very seriously, so he immediately started creating the account. He had to fill in his details and log in with DigiD. He had, however, forgotten his DigiD password, so had to request a new one. And that took several days. After successfully logging in with DigiD, he had to provide his telephone number.

That Has Arisen Society Is More

Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List

He received a text message containing a code and entered it. All in all, this cost him a lot of time and effort. But: he had succeeded! However, the disappointment was great when he ended up in the EHR of his hospital. Because what did he find? His appointments. But they were already in his (paper) agenda. Moreover, he had already received an appointment confirmation.

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