The Other Hand, Real Businesses Thrive

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The Other Hand, Real Businesses Thrive

On inbound marketing and loyalty strategies. The challenge is that of an audience based on loyalty and numerous social gateways, on YouTube and referring sites. In practice, marketers seek to create a culture and brand values ​​through which to create loyalty through media and content largely dedicated to consulting. An excellent example is that of BeardBrand, a bearded-friendly company that is doing well on a model devoid of commercial appeal. And if you want to know more about the subject, to set up content and relay it with or without Google: I advise you to consult our guide to content marketing and find out how traffic managers and marketers manage to open their marketing strategies.

GTmetrix Mobile loading time as a positioning factor: what real impacts to expect? So far, all mobile friendly updates, even the most recent one, have gone somewhat unnoticed as the actual impacts seen have mostly been minimal. What will happen to this Greece WhatsApp Number List update if the latter were to see the light of day? Concretely, the more your mobile score is in the green (on PageSpeed ​​Insights), the greater the chances that your site will not be negatively impacted by a future mobile-friendly update. Again, even if a site has a perfectly optimized mobile load time, it won’t be enough to get a big boost in mobile results because Google takes into account many other positioning factors in its ranking algorithm. results.

On the Other Hand, Everything Will Also Depend

On the specific competitive environment at each site. Depending on the targeted queries and mobile load times of competitors, the impacts could be very different. If everyone has a mobile-friendly site with a perfectly optimized loading time, very little impact should be noticed after updating. On the other hand, if only a few sites have a mobile site with a highly optimized loading time, the impacts (both positive and negative) could be more obvious. If you’ve been an SEO enthusiast for a few years now, this revelation probably won’t surprise you too much. For the most novices.

SEO positioning of a page on Google Google uses more than 200 positioning factors to. Decide the final ranking of a page and a site in its natural. Search results (there are also factors dedicated to local SEO referencing ). Among these more than 200 SEO positioning factors. A senior Googler working on search quality has just revealed the 2 most important in the eyes of Google: content and backlinks . According to Andrey these two positioning factors are equally important. If Google had never officially confirmed it until now.

This Revelation Therefore Definitively Confirms

That in 2016, in SEO, content is king and links are its queen . Small important clarification: when we talk about backlinks and links here. It’s about links that point from an external site to your site and not internal links. These links analyzed with tools like Ahrefs or Majestic SEO. Happy is king Even if this revelation does not teach us anything new, the announcement of this. Search Quality Senior Strategist from Google will surely irritate the Google teams who fight against Web Spam.

Here is the full video of the Q&A session with Andrey Lippattsev: however, know that these two positioning factors are those that have the most impact on the , this announcement may well have the opposite effect by encouraging SEOs to go back to hunting for links. traffic generation with editorial lines designed to create a regular audience.

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