The New Search Console Is Deployed: What New Features Are Available?

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The New Search Console Is Deployed: What New Features Are Available?

The year 2018 is off to a strong start for Google, the search engine has just officially announced. It on its blog dedicated to webmasters: the new version of the Search Console formerly Webmaster Tools is starting to be rolled out  initially. the new version of Search Console will not include all of its final features. So it will always coexist with the current version it will to access the two versions via separate URLs until the new Search Console is fully deployed and complete.

Google will therefore be adding new reports to Search Console throughout 2018. For this first version, the new Search Console version 2018 will cold calling in germany  include the following reports: Research analysis Indexing status Accelerated Mobile Pages Status of job offers Summary : New research analysis report: what changes? analysis search new search console Here’s a preview of the new ‘Search Analytics’ report in Search.

How to Check if You Search Console in Beta?

Console 2018 While the main features of this report will remain the same with a new design query analysis. Average positions average CTR, impressions clicks popular landing pages filter device filter by country. The main change introduced the new Search Console will be that webmasters will now. Able to access no less than 16 months of historical data compared to only 3 months maximum at present.

This new report will therefore make it possible to carry out analyzes by comparing the least of the current year with that of the past year. This request was one of the most important for webmasters and. Google has therefore done everything to meet the expectations of the community.

New Report Dedicated to Amp and Its Implementation: What’s New?

Google also indicates in passing that these 16 months of data will soon available via the.  Search Console API (no precise date has however been communicated). Here is the URL to access the new Search Analytics report analytics New Indexing Status Report: What Changes? new indexing status report search console Here’s a preview of the new “indexing status” report in the new Search Console.

The new report dedicated to the state of indexing will now go much further than simply giving. The total number of indexed pages in Google’s index and those blocked by the robots.txt file. In the new Search Console this new report will now show. Alerts on potential problems related to URLs that impact their proper indexing. The reasons why Google does not index pages with the volume of pages concerned this problem  presence of a in the header of the page.

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