The New Search Console Adds (Still) New Features!

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The New Search Console Adds (Still) New Features!

Who says back to school, says new features and Beta release deployment for the new Search Console! After deploying the report related to internal and external links on the interface of the new Search Console.  Google has just announced that the latter is officially coming out of.  Beta mode with access to almost all the old reworked features! Until a few weeks ago the new.  Search Console was still a bit empty with only the index coverage report the search analysis report

Since September 4, the new Search Console has officially come out of Beta mode , the mode it has been in since its very first deployment in early 2018. With all india whatsapp number list this latest version, Google has finalized the integration of several features carried over from the old Search Console to the new version. From the new Search Console, you now have acces.  Giving you 16 months of historical SEO traffic data with queries that caused clicks,

From the New Search Console

Average positions average and impressions generated by keywords or groups of keywords.  The best and most comprehensive tool report in my opinion a very complete. URL inspection tool allowing you to identify indexing problems at the level of a specific page and also to submit it to.  Google for indexing on its search engine  you can view and analyze the code source from this section even if a simple CTRL + U would give you the same result

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A report on the coverage of the index which helps us to identify possible anomalies of indexing and. Accompanies you in the resolution of the problems a section dedicated to sitemaps. And their monitoring  on mobile ergonomics to identify any elements to corrected and optimized on the external links.

Beta Mode With Access to Almost All the

And internal internal mesh of your website available since August a report on AMP and any. Blocking points to be corrected 8- A section dedicated to manual actions the less you use it. The better you will be Compared to the old Search Console. It still lacks some features but some have been discontinued and the revamped.  URL inspection tool which are all much more complete than before by the way.

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