The Mobile-first Index Is Officially Rolling Out!

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The Mobile-first Index Is Officially Rolling Out!

While only a few weeks ago at the beginning of October 2017, Google began full-scale testing. Of its brand new mobile-first index this major change to the current functioning of the organic search results. Ranking algorithm will now be deployed. slowly and gradually from site to site ! This announcement was made in New York at SMX East by Gary  Summary. How does Google decide which sites to include in its mobile-first index. Concretely Google compares the mobile and desktop version of each site to assess the differences.

The more they are comparable (content level, markup, internal linking, media. The more likely they are to be integrated quickly into the mobile-first index. Google currently includes in its mobile-first index only sites that have 100% equivalent pages  indian phone number example  in mobile VS desktop. What are you actually risking? So far, not much. Why Concretely  if you have a responsive site or a mobile site on a subdomain with substantially the same content and the same source code as the Desktop version, your site should not be negatively impacted by this major update. from Google and you don’t have to do much .

How Does Google Decide Which Sites to Include in

Once integrated into the mobile-first index the changes should be difficult to notice in terms of SEO. And Google user positioning it is in any case the objective of the search engine which already. Considers itself satisfied with the current search results and don’t want to mess things up. Conversely if you have a mobile site on a subdomain with different content and code or you just don’t have a mobile site at all.  You’re going to have to work a lot more to make your website compatible and optimized for the mobile-first index .

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The good news is that Google will allow time for this and will not brutally penalize a site if it is not mobile. Optimized from the launch of its mobile-first index. By detecting non-mobile-friendly sites Google will simply not include them in its mobile-first index at first . How do you know if your site is included in the mobile-first index or not. For now it is impossible to know if you have a responsive site . For those who have a mobile site on a sub-domain (ex: provided that the.  Title tags are different from those of the Desktop version, a request with the search operator site.

What Are You Actually Risking?

Google mobile can help you determine whether or not your site is already included in the mobile-first index . To date Google does not transmit any information via Search.  Console or via any other means to indicate whether or not a site has been included in the mobile-first index. Maybe the new Search Console will show it. Things to remember about the mobile-first index and its ongoing rollout.  Here is a short summary to clarify things: If you have a responsive site. You generally don’t have much to do except check that you have the same code and the same content in the mobile version.

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