The Marketing Mix Is ​​one

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The Marketing Mix Is ​​one


Of the many strategies that companies usually carry out to improve and, like everything else, it has to be reinvented over time and with the new objectives that marketing demands of us. Therefore, Today we tell you what exactly it is and what the 4 ps are. What is the marketing mix? Therefore, The marketing mix is ​​an analysis based on the internal strategy that companies usually develop. The way in which the marketing mix develops this analysis is based on four variables known as the 4Ps: Product, price, distribution (place) and promotion.

What is intended with this analysis is to know the internal situation of the company in order to subsequently develop a specific strategy that helps us to position it better. What are the 4 ps of the Ivory coast whatsapp number list mix What are the traditional or old 4ps of the marketing mix? Price (price ). In this variable, the main information offered is the price of the product that the company is offering to the market. This is the most competitive element, because a large part of the demand depends on

This Variable Is The Central Element

It and whether our target customers decide for the competition or for us. We must take care and think a lot about this point since it is the only one of the four that directly generates income for us, apart from having all the power over the consumer. You must find answers to these questions. Therefore, What value does the product have for the customer? -Are there standard prices established or strongly assumed by consumers for our product or for similar products? -If we lower the price of the product. Therefore, Will we really achieve a competitive advantage in the market? Product (product).

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of the strategy, we need to have a product to place in the market so that the other three variables make sense. Therefore, Likewise, we must bear in mind that this variable not only encompasses the product, but also all the complementary elements and services that encompass the product itself, such as customer service, packaging… Therefore, Some of the following may be of great use to you Questions to ask yourself: -What am I selling? Needs does my product satisfy?

What Features Does My Product Have?

What are the benefits from each of them? Value does my product provide? Point of sale or distribution (place). Therefore, Within this variable, what we are analyzing is how we are distributing our product to consumers. The analysis in this variable focuses on the channels that a product goes through from the moment we create it as a company until it reaches the hands of the consumer, including the analysis of storage or points of sale. Promotion.

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