The Latter Contacted Gary Twitter to Try to Get a Clear Answer to

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The Latter Contacted Gary Twitter to Try to Get a Clear Answer to

A question that many webmasters have been asking for years. Does a spike in Google Bot crawl mean that an algorithmic update is in progress. Deployment course? The answer would therefore be simply “ No ” according to Google’s webmaster trends analyst. It would therefore be, according to him, a simple SEO myth as there are many. The latter also returned in more detail to the question recently in a recent Hangout with the founder of Stone Temple Eric. Concretely Google does not re-crawl the web before each update of its algorithm because it crawls it frequently enough naturally .

However, when many changes are made to a website. During a migration to HTTPS for example, Google will crawl a site much faster than usual. This sudden increase in the number of pages crawled per day will just aim to update its database with the new URLs in this Indonesia WhatsApp Number List case so that the indexing of the HTTPS version is done as quickly as possible. How to detect an increase in Google’s crawl on its website? If you have set up a log analysis system on your site. You are probably already following the evolution of Google Bot’s crawl on your website (SEO tools and SaaS platforms exist for this). If not, a dedicated report is available in Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools).

Here’s How to Access It: Start by Going to This Address.

Then select the site that interests you Go to the Exploration section then. Exploration statistics webmaster tools crawl. This report shows you the number of pages crawled per day, which is like tracking Google Bot activity on your website. A spike will indicate that the Google robot has crawled a greater number of pages on a given date. If you see a spike in pages crawled per day , it could well be that many new pages have been discovered by Google, which can be both beneficial but also negative if they are low quality pages or with little content. This report is interesting in addition to the one on indexing which is available in the “Google Index” section of your Search Console.

Google is not the leading search engine in all countries, Russia is a good example with local search engine Yandex dominating market share. Yandex has just launched its own mobile-friendly update under the code name Vladivostok. Google was the first to launch its mobile friendly update (see our history on Google updates ), followed more recently by Bing and finally Yandex , the leading search engine in Russia . Present in various other markets such as Ukraine , Belarus , Kazakhstan and Turkey , Yandex will from now on promote mobile-compatible websites in the results of its search engine. Russia will be the first market where Yandex’s mobile-friendly update will roll out.

the Other Countries Where Yandex Is Present Will

See the update arrive in the coming weeks. Yandex Vladivostok, why such a code name for a mobile compatibility update? Vladivostok is the most important city located in the East of Russia, it is also the city where Internet users use their smartphones the most to access the. Yandex search engine compared to other regions of Russia. What impacts on search results in Russia? yandex mobile friendly As with Google’s mobile-friendly update. Yandex strictly speaking penalize websites that are not mobile-friendly.

Non-compatible or non-responsive sites. Disappear from search engine results but will be less highlighted against sites that will be optimized. Yandex has over 800 ranking factors , so mobile compatibility only part of a bigger picture. Although its effects are likely to be more visible and significant than the other ranking factors. If this answer confirms what many webmasters already thought. Zineb did not mention the impact of sitewide links placed in sidebars (sides of a site) or sitewide links placed below an article ( links placed in an author biography on many pages for example).

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