The Google Search Quality Guidelines .

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The Google Search Quality Guidelines .

Just reading these guidelines will tell you a lot about how Google determines if a page is quality or not (so I highly recommend it). What is a quality page according to Google? If you have not yet read the document mentioned above, here is a small preview. For Google, very good quality pages are pages: Which have good ergonomics (mobile compatibility, optimized loading time, good general UX) With good quality Main Content written by an author with recognized expertise (certifications, years of experience, company reputation, etc.) Which are accessible on a site recognized for its expertise in the field addressed (an authority site which can be trusted): Google uses the abbreviation EAT , Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness to define the degree of quality of a page and of a site.

For Matt Cutts, a quality site was a site where you weren’t afraid to leave your bank details. Why does Google limit the display of rich snippets? To prevent all natural search results from having stars (or another type of rich snippet) on a given query, Google is forced to sort Iran WhatsApp Number List the sites it accepts, under penalty of losing interest for Internet users. Indeed, if you do a search in Google and all the results have stars, the interest of the feature will be more questionable. On the other hand, if only the most qualitative sites have these rich snippets, then the Internet user that you are will probably be more inclined to trust them when he decides to click on one result rather than another.

All This Remains Debatable but One Thing Is Certain:

Google does the sorting ! The fact that you currently have the rich snippets displayed for your site does not mean that they will remain so next year. Google indeed frequently recalculates the relevance of the display to determine whether or not your site still deserves them. Sometimes, some sites are even granted the display of rich snippets on certain queries but not on others, although the markup is identical, which proves once again that Google is more and more selective.Not long ago, Mediametrie unveiled the Top 50 most visited websites in France in December 2015 . Today, the company specializing in audience measurement has just made public its report on the websites and applications most used by the French in December 2015 (be careful, the ranking and the figures may surprise you).

Summary : Top 20 of the most visited mobile websites in France in. December 2015 popular mediametrie websites Among the top 5, we find of course Facebook and Google. More surprisingly, Dailymotion seems to steal the limelight from. YouTube on the French market since the video publishing platform ranks 2nd according to figures from. Mediametrie just behind Facebook, with no less than 13 million unique visitors in. December 2015 ( the absence of YouTube in the top 20, on the other hand, seems quite strange…). Top 20 of the most used mobile applications in.

France, in December 2015 Mediametry

Popular mobile apps this top does not actually present the top mobile. Applications but rather the top application publishers. Thus, King is the publisher of the ultra-popular Candy Crush application. The Samsug and Apple applications that go up first in the top seem to be the applications. Natively integrated into the smartphones of these brands, Mediametrie does not specify this in its press release. A striking key figure: 6.2 million is the number of mobile users who have visited a site or application in the Health / Well-being and Nutrition category at least once .

This figure represents no less than 16.2% of French mobile users over the period of December 2015. In just one year, this category has increased by 1.1 million UVs, an increase of 22.6% vs. December 2014. Methodology is not able to fully analyze the audience of websites using HTTPS. Which therefore partially biases the results obtained. To find out more about the methodology used and view all the figures. The information comes to us from Barry Schwartz, an SEO enthusiast who closely follows the news of natural referencing across the Atlantic.

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