The First Thing Is To Find

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The First Thing Is To Find


What questions the user has to answer them within your website. For example, if you have a personal trainer and training advice website, it is normal for your potential client to search for things like: How much does a personal trainer cost? Personal trainers in Madrid online personal trainer Within your web page there must be the content that answers these questions so that when they search for you on Google you appear, and as you can see, all searches contain your main keyword. Keywords In the snippet it is important that you keep two things in mind,

The first is to also bet on long tail keywords , they have less competition, they are more specific and also, with them you have more chances of appearing in the highlights. The second is to bet on Mexico whatsapp number list with less search volume. Betting on the same keywords that the majority of your sector uses makes it difficult for you to position yourself, and even more so if you compete with large companies. The first impression in code As we have explained, the snippet is the brief description that appears when performing a search, and this first paragraph that the user sees is the key for them to click on your web page.

Therefore, You Have To Answer

the question so that the navigator already knows what the content they are going to access is going to be about. In addition, this question must be answered in the first paragraph of the content within the post, that is, once you click on the link, your question is answered in the first few lines. Use different snippet formats You can find several types: Featured text . You’ve probably seen this guy when you’re looking for Wikipedia content.

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An excerpt of the website content text appears and Google places it above the URL. This text contains the keywords that the user has used to search for you. List . Featured content appears as a list. It shows up a lot when the content you’ve created has titles like: top 10 tips, 5 ways to, etc. Like the previous one, it appears above the URL and the title. Table or chart . Instead of being a short text, the snippet is a table with information. This style is used when the question is about prices, for example,

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It has a high click rate because only with the table the information is scarce, so it is usually to find out more. Video. Normally this format is for YouTube or Vimeo videos. A clear example is when you search for a recipe, “how to make ham croquettes”, the snippet will be the cover image of the video and the title of the video. Obviously the title has to contain the keyword for which the user has searched for you, which in this case will be ham coquettes.

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