The End of Email, Ezines and Online Marketing?

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The End of Email, Ezines and Online Marketing?

Something has been bothering me for over a month now, and it just keeps getting worse, so I am afraid it’s time to talk about it.Some of the readers may not appreciate this, but I think it’s something that needs to be looked at and I think you will appreciate it, when others may start thinking I have lost my marbles again.I want to apologize in advance to any of my fellow ezine publishers. If I rub you wrong with my comments and thoughts today, I truly don’t mean any one person, nor do I think any less of any of you. I know you are doing what I am Egypt email list going to discuss, so you can bring quality content to your readers that will benefit them and also to grow your own business while helping others.

Have you noticed lately how more and more ezines are full of spelling errors (or so you would think at first)? Seeing articles with ‘f.ree’ or ‘mo.ney’ and so forth?

At first I thought I was seeing things, because even some of the most experienced and well-known marketers were spelling all these words wrong, but it’s all on purpose, and you know what?

It makes me sick!

Yes, you heard right, it makes me sick. Let me explain.

Over the past couple of years, email has become more and more unfriendly as a tool to bring you valuable information, all because of ‘SPAM’.

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I remember when these little surf programs like NetNanny came out and started blocking websites and don’t get me wrong, I think control is needed, but I am a firm believer that parents are not doing their job either. When a site such as the Breast Cancer Research group is blocked and students can’t even do their research for homework, there’s something wrong.

Then came the spam blockers and you as a reader could decide what would be spam and what not. But for many people that was too cumbersome, so many of the ISP’s built in their own blocking criteria, like the words ‘free’ or phrases like ‘make money’.

Spam is a major problem, that is true, but I feel it should be up to you, the reader, to decide, as an adult of a free country, what you want and what you don’t want to read.

There’s something very worrying to me when companies and governments start to take over our decision making. The sad truth is that honestly, they are only doing it to protect everyone from the unsavory practices of Spammers and the likes, however, I am an adult and would like to choose for myself as I am sure you do too.

So, what does that have to do with the spelling b2c phone list errors? Simple.To be able to get you the latest issue of that ezine you have been looking forward to receiving, you can either ‘white list’ the sender, the publisher can misspell words on purpose, or change the medium that is being used to bring you the newsletter.

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