The Doomsday Scenario of Evil

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The Doomsday Scenario of Evil


Post from the relevant outpatient clinic. The My Environment also gave access to (a part of his) medical file. However, it contained succinct notes in medical language of which he could make little sense. Was Bolivia Phone Number List there anything he had to do? What exactly does it mean? Buttons in a My Environment Mr. Jansen’s story is fictional, but one that I often hear in conversations with patients.

Technologies That Enslave Humans

It is the reason why patients rarely if ever log on to their hospital’s site. It adds nothing. Such environments do not yet work, because they are not about you as a patient, but more about the organization. They are environments that reflect the processes of the organization. Only opening up information that was already available – for internal use – does not improve the care process.

Has Proved Largely Unfound

Bolivia Phone Number List

Conceptschets EDP Concept sketch: a My environment that is really relevant. How can you create an environment that is really relevant? Of course, these first My Environments are not immediately perfect. But the danger is lurking not to look after it after launch. Therefore, keep innovating and improving the environment by reasoning from the patient’s point of view.

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