The Content Manager

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The Content Manager


Is not the one who directly prepares the content, but rather his main function is to define the strategy and coordinate the rest of the team. We should not confuse this job with that of the community manager , although both are related and collaborate with each other, they are not the same person. The CM is responsible for managing and boosting the online community of a company, especially social networks. It coordinates with the content manager because when it comes to disseminating content, the role of the community is key and guarantees better results.

Advantages that a content strategy can bring to your. Online brand Main functions of the content manager The Dominican Republic Whatsapp Number List  manager, as we have mentioned. Is in charge of managing the company’s content. In addition, the person in charge of this position directs the team, since it is they who decide. And develop the digital content of the brand. It is clear that it is a position that requires creativity and leadership skills. Here is a list of their main tasks: Elaboration of the content strategy .

The First Thing A Content Manager

must do is define the objectives, which must be aligned with the goal or goals of the general digital marketing strategy. At this point it is very important to be very clear about the profile of the buyer persona, since the content that is will be  at it. Apart from defining the topics, carry out a keyword research , the style and the formats. And once everything is clear, design and develop the content strategy. Create a style guide .

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All brand content must follow the same guidelines. The contents are part of the branding of the company, so they must be consistent with each other. The content manager must write a style guide so that all workers know the rules and style when creating content, whether written or audiovisual. Preparation of data reports. A content manager analyzes and measures data from previous campaigns, does SEO research and reviews audience behavior, as this can vary.

In Addition, She Must Understand

the analytics of the website, to know if the contents are working or changes have  made. That is why she will periodically review the results following KPI. Such as bounce rate, engagement, cost per click, web traffic, etc. Understanding and managing this data help make better decisions. The preparation of these reports will be essential to always have the information at hand. Select the best tools for content creation.

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