The Conditions of Its Application, on the Other Hand,

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The Conditions of Its Application, on the Other Hand,

Are subject to significant modifications. These transformations can sometimes disrupt the landscape of SERPs (search engine results pages) by repositioning certain websites and excluding others, depending on the launch of algorithms and filters – for example Penguin, Panda or Colibri at Google. For the search engines, the goal is clear: to constantly refine the positioning criteria of web pages in order to respond as accurately as possible to the requests of Internet users – a guarantee of satisfaction (therefore loyalty) for users. By constantly evolving, SEO is improving and always giving more importance to the quality of content, technical processes and user experience.

It is this constant search for the match between content and consumer needs that makes SEO the first lever for acquiring traffic for 60% of webmarketers, as shown in the study published below. There remains one point to explore: how does Search Engine Australia WhatsApp Phone Number List actually work? 3 times the SEO There are commonly 3 constituent areas of SEO: technique, editorial and netlinking . Let’s explore these 3 notions in detail. The technique . First aspect of on-page referencing, the technique declines all the elements specific to the architecture of the pages and their compliance with the requirements of the search engines. html tags The sitemap Rich snippets URLs Page display speed Mobile compatibility When search engine spiders storm the web to crawl pages, they need these technical points to be optimized to show them their way – like the lighthouses that guide ships along ribs. The editorial .

The Second Aspect of On-Page Referencing

Is writing (as the name suggests) writing the content published on the pages. This content must meet several constraints: Stick to the requirements of search engine robots Integrate the desired keywords by respecting certain rules (presence in the first hundred words, density of around 1%, etc.) Work on the semantic richness around the keyword Submit sufficiently long content (at least 300/400 words for a static page, 600 words for a blog post) Write high-quality content that appeals to readers and demonstrates the company’s expertise in its specific field of activity Since the launch of the Panda algorithm, Google has taken a particular interest in the quality of the content offered on the sites.

It is therefore a lever that should not be overlooked. The principle is simple: obtain incoming links (or backlinks ) from other sites, in order to highlight certain pages. Good netlinking requires: To multiply the sources of incoming links; Obtain backlinks from sites with a good reputation, appreciated by Internet users and experts in their field; Chase backlinks from poorly regarded sites; To favor partner sites in a theme close to that of the targeted pages (for example, it will be counterproductive, for an article on SEO, to obtain a backlink from a DIY site).

In Short, These 3 Areas Each Represent

A percentage of SEO time, which is generally translated the expression “10/30/60”, or 10% technical. 30% editorial and 60% netlinking.  Build your SEO strategy upstream Finally, specify that natural referencing is not a concept but an approach. It therefore prepared upstream of the launch of a website, and continued throughout its operation. A sine qua non condition for obtaining results. In addition any SEO strategy whether it applies to a site under construction or an existing one go through a natural SEO audit.

This makes it possible to immediately identify the blocking points of a site and. A good definition of SEO cannot therefore limited to its goa  it integrate the methods and strategies that accompany it. And which are the multiple facets of its true nature. How do I access these new reports via Google My Business. Accessing this new report is very simple. Login to Google My Business to the “Places” section of the interface then click on “Published addresses” in the. Account summary section. Then click on the 3 small dots aligned vertically on the right of the address you want to analyze.

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