The case of the precautionary principle

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The case of the precautionary principle

This is a ritual for kids: get their first cell phone.

The “cool” factor is high. You are excited. You are always in touch with friends and family. And nothing would be more exciting if the private phone number was published for the first time. Call, write SMS, surf the Internet, watch videos. A world Sweden phone number list of instant information and communication at your fingertips – something many generations of Z see as a status symbol.

It’s a little different for parents. It’s about being able to communicate quickly any time the kids are busy: when soccer practice is over, staying up late after school when they have to come home.

Mobile phones have become the most important means of communication in the whole world. There are nearly 7 billion people on this planet and more than 5 billion cell phones are in use. But all this data transfer requires technology and that technology takes a lot of energy. However, cell phones have not been widely used for over a decade and there is a lot of debate about the effects of exposure to cell phone use on our health.

An article published online in the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine on October 17 found that a cell phone carried in a shirt or trouser pocket exceeds Federal Communications Commission instructions. The effect is greater in children. The study reports that children absorb twice as much microwave radiation as cell phones do than adults.

Several international agencies have urged families – especially parents – to exercise caution when using cell phones.

Cell phones emit strong radio frequency (RF) energy called electromagnetic radiation (EMR). The signal strength of your cell phone is directly related to the intensity of the radiation it generates and receives. The lower the signal strength, the higher the EMR intensity produced. This radiation is partially absorbed by the body and the FCC regulates the amount of radiation a product can produce by monitoring its specific absorbance level, or SAR level.

Smartphones that continuously send and receive data have more peaks in SAR radiation than the average cell phone. When you hold the phone to your ear, between 48% and 68% of the radiation emitted by the phone is absorbed b2c phone list by the head and body. The leap for this smartphone could be ten times stronger than the SAR value of 1.6 watts per kilogram approved by the Federal Communications Commission for a “safe” phone. Beyond these standard circumstances, exposure to cell phone radiation can be potentially dangerous not only when placing a call but also when you turn on a smartphone that is not being used.

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