The Amp Carousel Is Coming to Google News!

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The Amp Carousel Is Coming to Google News!

.Already present in the “In the news” inserts when an Internet user searches on Google from their smartphone, the AMP carousel will now also appear directly on the Google News portal! Launched in February 2016 in France , the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) format is the response of several major web players to Facebook Instant Articles . Until now, publisher AMP pages could only be discovered through a search on Google’s mobile search engine. From now on, an AMP article carousel will also appear on the Google News portal: AMP google news All mobile devices and all operating systems are affected.

Smartphone users will soon be able to discover up to 14 news items in. AMP format directly from the top of the Google News portal. When a user clicks on one of the AMP results, they will be redirected to the Google News article reader. The user will then be able Hungary WhatsApp Number List between other AMP articles very easily with a simple left finger swipe. In the rest of the Google News portal on mobile, other articles in AMP format will also be more visible . These AMP articles will now have a new icon associated with their insert to inform users that it is an AMP-optimized article. The icon will be that of a lightning bolt followed by the mention AMP in capital letters.

From Now On, Amp Pages Will Therefore Be Even More Visible on

Google via its Google News portal, one more reason for publishers of news sites to integrate AMP into their 2016 visibility strategy! Over the past few days. A number of complaints about a manual penalty for bogus outbound links have surfaced on the English version of Google’s webmaster forum. It would therefore seem that the search engine has manually. Penalized many websites for fake outgoing links from April 9! Here is a list of some recent complaints that viewed on the forum : google complaints bogus outbound links Unlike algorithmic penalties which are not the subject of an email from Google but do impact the.

SEO traffic of a website, manual penalties are penalties inflicted manually. Googlers who have taken the time to check a website (after having received warnings from. Google’s internal tools or denunciations via spam reports ). This recent wave of manual penalizations would linked to Google’s recent. Warning against sponsored partnerships for bloggers who do not respect. Google’s quality guidelines outbound links to nofollow when it comes to partnerships or loans mainly products.

On One of the Posts on Google’s Forum for Webmasters,

John Mueller responded by stating that some unnatural links passing. PageRank should  nofollowed if the webmaster wanted to able to. Lift Google’s manual action by making a request re-examination: answer dummy-john outbound links Summary. Fake outbound link penalty you must have a Google Search. Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) account.

If this is the case for your site you can go to this address to view all Google alerts about your sites. You should receive an email informing you that you penalized if this is the case. This is what such emails look like. Google mail manual penalty How do I get out of a manual penalty for bogus outbound links. To get out of a manual penalty for fake outgoing links. The easiest way is to identify all the outgoing links that could potentially cause problems and pass them to.

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