That Can Contribute to Better Care

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That Can Contribute to Better Care

And those feelings of manipulation are again influenced by the extent to which the reader feels that he she is getting Poland Phone Number List enough value from an advertisement, or that it is mainly the advertiser who benefits. This is interesting for native ads, which can potentially. Contain a lot of information that might perceiv you as more or less valuable readers. I have found several factors that influence this.

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What factors influence relevance and readers’ feelings of manipulation? Also read: Save the future of native advertising! Tackle these 2 problems Brand prominence in the text In an experiment on the Belgian news website, we found that if an advertiser often referred to themselves in the articlefelt more manipulated.

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This led to more negative evaluations of the ads, advertisers, and even the news website. There was no direct negative effect of label and ad recognition among readers. Readers reacted more negatively to the native ad only if brand prominence was high. Connecting to interests In several experiments, we found that a reader is more open to native ads if the native ad fits well with his her interests.

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