That Can Be Used On Social Media

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That Can Be Used On Social Media

In addition, advanced automation means that human contact has become increasingly precious, which Ghana Phone Number List cannot be financed by everyone. Loneliness is therefore one of the greatest diseases of our time. People feel trapped in the system and crave autonomy. Do you want to know which scenario you foresee yourself? Then take the free online scenario test now .

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What kind of society do we want to be? Ultimately, a future will emerge that contains elements of all these visions, depending on the application domain and the social context. With the arrival of new generations, different norms and values ​​will arise. Concepts such as transparency and explainability are therefore subject to change. Perhaps we will accept that AI is biased .

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The challenge then lies more in the fair distribution of unfairness. What we should not forget here is that AI itself is not good or bad, it is about how it is used by people. So the question is what kind of society we want to be with all the technological developments. Either way, society will fundamentally change and AI can help us find the right path. We just need to figure out exactly where we want to go.

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