That an Element of the Url Gives a Boost to Sites

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That an Element of the Url Gives a Boost to Sites

The case of HTTPS the real positive impacts are struggling to be felt. Migration to one of these new extensions therefore has very little chance of positively impacting. SEO traffic and the positioning of a site on Google. Does choosing a new domain name extension when creating your site have an SEO. We recently presented you with an infographic on optimizing URLs for. SEO which came back precisely to the choice of domain name extensions (TLD) when creating a website. However this infographic did not return to the SEO impact of the new domain name extensions .

So rushing on these new extensions has an SEO interest. According to the recent precision of John Mueller on the question. Google would completely ignore the words present in the TLD . Beyond the simple marketing interest, there is therefore a good chance that Egypt WhatsApp Number List will clearly have no SEO impact at present . In any case. The choice of domain name alone does not ensure good positioning on. Google even if these new extensions had an. SEO interest this would only a small factor among many more important like links and content .

As You Will Have Understood, the Choice of a New

domain name extension will not change much in your SEO so there is no. Need to bother (and risk yourself) with an unnecessary migration. 2- Companies with the same addresses and the same activity will now have less visibility : if several lawyers share a single address. Even though they are different companies Google only display one of the results to its Internet users in its search engine. On the other hand, the Internet user able to find all the results when he goes to the details of the local results. 3- The location of the Internet user now affects the results visible in the.


Google Maps insert much more than in the past : the further an. Internet user is from the location sought, the more the Google Maps plan offers a non-zoomed view with a selection different companies. 4- Local SEO results now fluctuate much more depending on keyword combinations. Even for those close together with the simple reversal of one word location. For example, we tested by searching for  angers restaurant and angers restaurant. The local SEO results are no longer the same. Possum local seo update Concrete example of the impacts of the Google Opossum update on a local.

Seo Query You Will Notice in Passing That

The map display is also significantly different. We get a zoomed-out version for the “restaurant + city” search and a zoomed-in version for the restaurant search.  The Google organic results filter and the Google My Business local results filter are now less connected to each other . For example, it is possible that a filtered result in the SEO results can be displayed in the top. Google My Business results the site must have a certain authority.

Bing must be able to quickly identify the author and the sources of the published content. Authority sites will of course be preferred by Bing. The content must be of high quality and easily accessible by Internet users: beyond the editorial and grammatical quality of the content, Bing references on its portal sites that offer a user-friendly design and of course preferably mobile-friendly . Sites that include too many ads may be denied inclusion in Bing News.Incidentally, even when Google officially announces

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