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Thanks To The Valuable Content


That you have provided, they will have detected a need and will know that you. As a brand, can satisfy it. You may also have appeared in the first results of Google when the user has carried. Out a search or has read an article of yours and liked your content. On the other hand, in outbound marketing, users usually reach the ad involuntarily. It appears before them whether or not they need to consume it. In inbound marketing. Potential customers are known and you must be clear about your buyer persona and everything that this implies.

The same does not happen in outbound marketing, since there we do not know who we are targeting, that is, we launch the message for everyone, we do not focus the strategy on a segmented audience. In Honduras Whatsapp Number List marketing, the message focuses on the customer , on providing the valuable content they need and nurturing it little by little. Very different from outbound marketing, where the message is focused on the product, the aim is to have a direct impact with an advertising message that talks about the company or the product.

Another Big Difference Between

these two terms is when we about the media. In which they found. On the one hand, inbound marketing. Will always through SEO in search engines , and on the other hand, outbound marketing found in banners. Social media advertising and traditional advertising . The traffic obtained by inbound marketing is organic. That is. Users find you in search engines so you do not have to pay for their visits as in outbound marketing, in which you pay for the visits you receive.

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But this does not mean that inbound marketing does not cost money, positioning itself entails certain costs that are implicit in the strategy. Regarding the time frames, with inbound marketing you get to position yourself in search engines and gain a longer-term web reputation , that is, you get immediate results as it can happen in outbound marketing, where you can have a worse reputation but Leads immediately. Inbound vs outbound marketing: differences and similarities

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you do not have to opt for only one methodology, you can rely on both and thus achieve advantages of both typesIf you use Instagram, Tiktok or any other social network, surely you have received a notification on your Smartphone. If so, you already know what a push notification is. This type of marketing strategy is very common to see in social networks, but they only exist in these, since these notifications are widely in mobile applications and websites.

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