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That we have told you about previously, you can make this possible and make a difference with your competition. We encourage you to put immersive marketing to work in your company and check all its advantages. We hope you enjoyed this read! B2C marketing is a type of marketing where actions are always directed at the final consumer. In general, sales in this market are of lower value and more impulsive, in addition, the consumer does not give so much importance to the objective characteristics of the product, but to what it contributes to life.

Metrics for B2C In order to measure the success of B2C marketing campaigns, you need to take into account 4 key metrics when it comes to understanding if a plan is working: Conversion rate : This Switzerland whatsapp number list measures how many of your website visitors have ultimately converted into customers. Steps for conversion. If you want to improve your income, you will need to know the path that leads your visitors to become customers, that is, what are the steps that these visitors follow until they make a decision.

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that path to establish how you can facilitate this process. Acquisition cost. It is important to know how much we invest, since the lower this amount, the higher the profit margin. Brand awareness . It is the most complicated metric to measure, however, you can control it by tracking data such as Google searches, visits to your website, mentions on social networks, opinion sites, Google Alerts, etc. Business to Customer: what is B2C and how to attract customers What advantages does Business to Customer provide?

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The purchase is very fast. -Offers and prices are always up to date. -The customer service centers are located on the web. -Possibility of finding more information about the products. -Buy remotely. -Market expansion regardless of geographic location. -More economical. -More users and more customers. -More control. -More advertising. – Greater fidelity. How is it different from B2B? B2C differs mainly from B2B marketing in that, instead of thinking about the objective function of a product, it appeals to emotion and feelings with the intention of creating a need in the particular buyer.

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creating valuable content in various formats and designing campaigns through various channels. On the other hand, B2B focuses on long-term relationships and offers to buyer personas to reinforce. The professional buyer as a point of interest, and the problems of the B2B client. And require more time to solve than the B2Cs. Since consultation between various people and departments is often required to provide the best solution to a B2B client.

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