Test the Mobile Compatibility of Your Site with Bing: It’s Now Possible!

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Test the Mobile Compatibility of Your Site with Bing: It’s Now Possible!

If mobile compatibility is now a positioning factor in its own right on Google, Bing has wasted no time in following in the footsteps of the market leader. To help webmasters optimize their mobile compatibility, Microsoft’s American search engine has also presented its mobile compatibility test tool. As a reminder, Bing had announced its mobile friendly update after having launched its “mobile site” label just like Google, no official announcement has since been made concerning this update. However, that didn’t stop the search engine from launching its brand new mobile compatibility testing tool. Dubbed Mobile Usability Testing Tool Bing’s mobile compatibility testing tool analyzes different factors like Google’s tool.

Among these factors, Bing checks whether: the analyzed website. Correctly configured its Viewports whether the site adapts. Well to smartphone screens if the text of the page is easily readable by a mobile Internet user. Without the latter having to zoom in whether the tactile Nepal Whatsapp Number List available on the website are large enough to be clickable by the mobile user if the. Block access to robots to certain resources necessary for a good display of the website on mobile if the website. Uses plugins incompatible with mobile compatibility Greg Corrado. A scientist working for the Google search engine, recently revealed.

Some Information on the Rankbrain Project,

An ultra-intelligent algorithm that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to manage the positioning of nearly 15% of queries in the current time. Summary : What is Google Rank Brain? Rank Brain is an ultra-sophisticated algorithm that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning methods , also called machine learning, to determine which websites will have to position themselves naturally on a particular query on the search engine. Google. Concretely, this new algorithm is capable of learning certain things on its own and automatically integrating them into its algorithm to update the results.

Rank Brain would be the algorithm behind the Hummingbird (Colibri) update which aims to better understand the meaning of words in different contexts , the synonyms of each word but also the expressions specific to each language. This clever RankBrain algorithm could also be behind the better understanding of complex voice queries. Behind this seemingly simple explanation hides years of research and an ultra-sophisticated algorithm mastered for the moment only by Google. This highly sophisticated artificial intelligence system is already, at present, responsible for calculating the positioning of approximately 15% of global queries managed by Google .

Google Scientist Explains Rank Brain Greg Corrado,

A senior scientist at Google, was approached the Bloomberg site and agreed to reveal some information. On how Rank Brain works. RankBrain therefore uses artificial intelligence to transcribe colossal amounts of written data into mathematical formulas called. That the computer is then able to understand and interpret. If RankBrain detects a sentence or a word that it does not know, the computer is able to find synonyms close to this word. this sentence on its own to then know which results to display to the Internet user. Of course, this whole process is done almost instantaneously and is imperceptible to the user.

Thanks to Rank Brain, Google is able to find the best possible results even. On queries that searched before. Rank Brain a major ally Graph Rank Brain is also widely. By Google to better understand complex questions that allow the search engine to return answers. The Internet user directly in their search engine thanks. The Knowledge Graph and the Knowledge Vault. For Google, the future lies in artificial intelligence. The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, recalled it very recently during the presentation. Of the search engine’s financial results for Q3 2015, artificial intelligence is for.

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