Test the Mobile Compatibility of It’s Now Possible!

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Test the Mobile Compatibility of It’s Now Possible!

If mobile compatibility is now a positioning factor in its own right on Google, Bing has wasted no time in following in the footsteps of the market leader. To help webmasters optimize their mobile compatibility, Microsoft’s American search engine has also presented its mobile compatibility test tool. As a reminder, Bing had.  No official announcement has since been made concerning this update. However, that didn’t stop the search engine from launching its brand new mobile compatibility testing tool.

Dubbed “ Mobile Usability Testing Tool,” Bing’s mobile compatibility testing tool analyzes different factors like Google’s tool. Among these factors, Bing checks whether: the analyzed website has correctly configured its Viewports whether the site. Adapts well to Singapore whatsapp number list screens if the text of the page is easily readable a mobile Internet user without the latter having to zoom in whether. The tactile elements available on the website are large enough to be clickable by the mobile user if the robots. does not block access to robots to certain resources. Necessary for a good display of the website on mobile if the website uses plugins.

Incompatible with Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility test tool Just like Google’s mobile compatibility test tool, Bing offers more information on its tool on incompatible elements when there are any . non mobile friendly bing For each element tested, Bing offers 3 color codes to assess the compatibility of the tested website . Thus, if everything is well configured and compatible, green dots will presented next to each element tested. If almost all of the elements tested are good but a small part remains to corrected, the Bing tool will warn you with a small orange icon accompanied by an exclamation mark.

Bing will display a red icon with a cross indicating that serious compatibility issues need to resolved to obtain the. Mobile Site” label on the Bing search engine . If Bing has small market shares in France (about. Having a mobile-compatible website with a “Mobile-Friendly” label on Bing can be very important for websites targeting the. United States market. United. Indeed Bing has approximately 14% of the search market share in the USA , which is therefore far from negligible for companies wishing to target the American market.

Bringing Together Nearly 100 Million Users ,

Pinterest announced comes a recent blog post that the social network recorded more than 2 billion searches for ideas each month . The platform now has a database of over 75 million pins . Million visual searches are made on the social network. These visual searches allow any user to precisely search for other visuals similar to a part of a selected visual.

More and more local results! Beyond the traditional searches carried out on its platform, the social network also brings up Pin suggestions from local publications. Now users are 3x more likely to find local results in Pin suggestions than just a year ago. Finding Pins for Professionals Pinterest is a very good source of inspiration for many professionals. From sourcing ideas for graphic designers to looking for viral visuals. The social network intends. To position itself ahead of traditional search engines for the search for creative ideas.

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