Ten Reasons Why You Should Build Your Next Website With Joomla!

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Ten Reasons Why You Should Build Your Next Website With Joomla!

You may have heard of Content Management Systems (CMS) before… this is often the sort of website where you’ll pay a developer to style the location on the other hand the updates are very easy that anyone, or everyone within the office can roll in the hay albeit they need no programming or web design experience. this is often perfect Kenya phone number list  for the tiny organization that can’t afford to possess a full time webmaster, but would really like to  stay the location updated with the newest news, stories, images, videos and offers. There are variety of CMS options out there, the foremost popular being, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Over the last few years, Joomla has become one among the foremost popular CMS systems within the world, employed by millions! 10 reasons why Joomla has become so popular:

1. Joomla is open-source software, and thus free. Don’t let “free” scare you off. While it’s true that free stuff isn’t usually top quality , good open-source computer software is that the exception thereto rule.

2. Joomla is straightforward to put in you’ll have a posh Joomla site, complete with sample content, up and running on the web in minutes!

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3. Joomla is straightforward to switch and customize. That’s right! If you’ve got the will to find out and may invest a couple of hours of some time you do not even need to hire an internet guy for the initial setup of your site! This not only saves you three or four thousand dollars thereon initial build, it also fully prepares you to be an expert at making the updates, modifications and enhancements.

4. Joomla puts you in control! within the past, you’ll have had to attend for days to urge your web designer to urge around to creating the updates you needed to your site. If your message was urgent or time-sensitive, your opportunity may are lost, just because your web guy was busy. With a Joomla site, you opt when the new info goes in!

5. Joomla saves you money! Because you or your staff are those making the changes, you not need to pay those web-design invoices, saving your organization thousands of dollars a year!

6. Joomla updates are often done from anywhere! Well, almost anywhere… anywhere there’s internet access. Recently i used to be covering the drought in East Africa i used to be ready to purchase a PCMI wireless internet card for my laptop b2c phone list and thereupon i used to be ready to update my Joomla website from rural Kenya, over their telephone towers, from my laptop! The truly great point is that I could have done this with anyone’s laptop or from an online cafe. Because all of the software that runs a Joomla site is found on your host server, as against some Dreamweaver repose on your personal laptop, all you’ve got to try to to is upload your blog, images or video to your server, and insert it into site with a couple of quick clicks!

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