How to promote a healthier work environment?

With the corporate transformations resulting from the pandemic, several interns, apprentices and permanent employees changed the way they see the job market. In this way, more and more people talk about valuing mental health and happiness in this space, gaining prominence in the discussions. In this sense, discover some essential strategies to improve this aspect of your business! Get to know some essential strategies to improve the company’s work environment For Rafael Ávila, Phd professor at edtech Qualifica Cursos, companies have already noticed the exhaustion of employees as signs of a historic moment, in which pressure gradually impacts more individuals. “With the pandemic, the “office” definitely invaded the “home” (home) and put people’s personal and professional lives in a very complex mix.

Create and sustain safe and healthy environment

Regardless of the factors responsible for triggering or exacerbating the problem, the HRs (Human Resources) and other areas linked to People and Management, accelerated actions to contain the physical and mental damage observed”, he explained. Infographic on how to promote a healthier work Poland Phone Number Data environment Thus, some means began to be adopted as a way to contribute to this theme within the business dimension. Therefore, check out some tips to avoid this situation in your company: 1) Establish permanent listening channels for employees: This issue does not end with specific actions and for more assertive strategies, constant dialogue with the entire team is necessary. Therefore, it is important for members to know that there is a permanent and reliable channel for exposing the report of their problems, including anonymously so as not to compromise at any time. See too:learn how to listen in the corporate environment.

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Such as moral and sexual harassment

Develop a continuous journey of education and learning: To be in the know, clarification is need, either through lectures, workshops or focuse training. It is worth mentioning: there is no historical culture in institutions, and even in society in general, of dealing with issues of mental health, emotional intelligence and, above all, happiness. In this way, this is develop through the permanent education of leaders B2C Phone List and employees. Stay in:the importance of corporate education for a team. 3) Elaborate benefits to favor the integral health care of the employee: In addition to determining educational initiatives that are mandatory for everyone, the recommendation is to generate a broader portfolio of benefits so that agents can choose the best one for themselves, in a personalized way, placing them in charge of their own decisions. Read too:mental health and youth education.

Explain how Artificial Intelligence can influence

Explanation of concepts Explain how Artificial in cases of lack of understanding of the subject explained by the teacher, the AI’s are able to provide explanations with other points of view, expanding the possibilities of understanding. In this way, the content is received in different ways, thus ensuring the understanding of the topic address. Problem solving: especially for those who have more difficulty with the exact disciplines, the tool shows a detailed step-by-step of the problems. This helps in better understanding when solving a math or physics question. Writing practice: correction of texts can be carri out in a quick way, evaluating structure, grammar, style and coherence, providing immediate feedback and helping to improve writing skills. Searching and providing information: Time-consuming visits to the library and hours of reading on some Internet sites were replace by a chat question , resolve in a few seconds.

At this first moment, the behavioral profile

Studying languages: for many, learning a new language is completely unrealistic, whether due to financial constraints, lack of time or impasses in understanding. Now, all this can be discard, as the app provides examples of sentences and corrects grammatical errors, in addition to collaborating in planning, helping to organize a more efficient routine. Market readiness is crucial and starts with the internship In a survey Philippines Phone Number Data carri out by Nube, 9,877 respondents were ask how they evaluate the market today. In response, most (42.91%) consider it difficult, with few vacancies and many qualified candidates, as well as 40.39% define it as uncertain, as there is unemployment and insecurity about the future. A smaller portion (7.65%) considers it to be stable, with opportunities only for those who have already obtained a position, and the minority (2.55%) says it is great, people can make a career at the company.

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However, for José Tortato, operational director of BNE, the field is innovating, aiming to create employability opportunities for younger people, guaranteeing continuous learning, diversity of ideas and growth. “Companies are experiencing many transformations and the creativity and dynamism of young people contribute to the better development of organizations”, he points out. In this scenario, the internship B2C Phone List can be the gateway to join the corporate environment and gain experience. In the modality, there is a union of theoretical skills with the day-to-day of an organization. However, if the desire is to succeed in this search, it is essential to demonstrate interest and be curious to learn about new openings, in addition to making a good resume and always being aware of trends.

Organize yourself well and income in studies

Finishing the learning process Organize yourself well at school, college, MBA, postgraduate or even elementary school is an extremely important step. However, stones may appear on the way when completing such training and, in order not to get carried away by the challenges, being focused, prepared and organized is essential. In addition, other external issues also tend to help in the search for better results. Learn more about it! Don’t underestimate the power of a good rest. During a nap, the brain performs a cycle of activities, this process allows examining and strengthening synaptic connections, when the notion generated by a neuron is transmitted to another. Therefore, this phase is essential to fix the memory, as it is when the brain analyzes and stores the wisdom processed on a daily basis, in long-term memory.

Three hours before bedtime, do not study or work

Thus, factors such as insomnia can have negative and lasting consequences on development. “The quality of sleep affects the ability to retain and retrieve information, in addition to leading to atrophy of the hippocampus, an essential neuronal region for memory formation”, clarifies Lorenzo Tessari, COO of Gama Ensino . However, this is fundamental not only in the field of knowledge, but in the lives of individuals as a Oman Phone Number Data whole, as tiredness impairs the retention of what has been learn and the learning process. In this context, certain recommendations are important: After 3 pm, avoid drinks and foods with caffeine in their composition; In the evening, opt for a light meal, low in fat and in smaller quantities; When waking up, expose yourself to natural light; For those who have insomnia, avoid naps during the day or in the afternoon.

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When waking up at night, do not for cell phone or watch

Establish a routine with times to get up, including on weekends. However, the learning procedure involves many factors and establishing a strategy allied to a healthy daily life, with physical and mental health care, can help academics to achieve their goals. In addition, a better result is expect B2C Phone List in retaining wisdom, as well as putting it into practice when necessary, whether in the classroom or in exams and contests. The technology present to assist The news of the moment has a name and it is ChatGPT. With several features, he is able to dialogue, write texts in different styles and solve calculations. These technological advances and sophisticated algorithms are revolutionizing the way human beings interact with the reference, playing an increasingly important role in offering benefits to students. In this scenario of innovation, it is natural that several questions arise.

How did the modality emerge and what has changed to date?

This number is an important milestone for distance learning and shows that the stigma that once existed on the modality is in the past. Since the beginning of the 21st century, distance learning has been gaining more and more space in higher education. Between the decades of 2010 and 2020, for example, the modality grew by 474% on offer, while the number of entrants in face-to-face teaching decreased by 23.4% . But do you know what led to this phenomenon and how distance learning came about? In this article, you will learn a little more about the history of distance learning, how this modality conquered its space in higher education and the path it took to become the most popular type of graduation among Brazilians. Check out: What is the origin of the EAD? History of distance learning in Brazil What does the legislation say about EAD.

Why did distance learning grow so much in the country?

Find out how many undergraduate courses there are in Brazil! What is the origin of the EAD? Despite seeming to be a recent invention, the history of distance learning begins in the 18th century. At the time, it became common to publish science disclosure letters in newspapers and periodicals New Zealand Phone Number Data With these letters, it was possible to teach the population that had access to journals about scientific discoveries and technological advances. This practice could not yet be called distance learning, but it was from there that education through correspondence became popular. During the first half of the 19th century, educators mailed lessons and concepts to their students. In 1856, the first correspondence school was founded , which was intended to teach languages.

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The main content was still offer in the form

But then, several other courses emerged, such as training teachers for Sunday schools, accounting and safety measures for working in mining. Correspondence teaching reached colleges in the late 19th century. In 1891, the University of Wisconsin began teaching its extension courses at a distance. Following suit, the University of Oxford and the Hermod Institute created their own correspondence courses in the areas B2C Phone List of teacher certification. The expansion of distance learning in the 20th century It was during the 20th century, especially between the First and Second World Wars, that distance learning had its first worldwide boom . This expansion was mainly due to new technologies (such as telegraph and radio), increased interest in formal education and improvement of postal services, means of transport and roads.

Make sure you have enough time to complete

If you have several commitments Make sure you have to fulfill, the deadline will probably not be respected. R (relevant): Ex.: It is important to carry out the proposed activities for the subject of the ADM course. T (time): How long will it take to reach the goal? Ex.: Until Friday afternoon. For very long tasks, the tip is to break them down into smaller, more manageable chunks. 12. Sleep well Going to bed at the same time each night helps your body establish a routine. A poorly slept night can cause stress and disrupt your study time. Check out some tips for better sleep: Create a cozy place to sleep, with low light; Avoid using electronic devices before bed, such as your cell phone; Do not watch television before going to sleep, as the sounds will make the body enter a state of alert, making it difficult to enter the deepest phase of sleep.

Check out an example of the One Minute Meditation

Give preference to light foods at dinner, avoiding very greasy foods, as digestion is slower during the night; Avoid caffeinated drinks in the evening as they have a stimulant effect. 13. Practice meditation Mind and body walk together. It is often difficult to disconnect from the outside world and stop Netherlands Phone Number Data thinking about the problems that happened throughout the day. And that, of course, ends up becoming an obstacle when studying. A good tip is meditation. Practice can help reduce stress and anxiety, enhance self-knowledge, improve sleep, increase positive emotions and focus development. A typical meditation consists of focusing all attention on the breath. There are several techniques that can be found in videos on Youtube or in books, such as ” Mindfulness: Mindfulness by authors Danny Penman and Mark Williams.

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Sit upright in a chair with a straight back

If possible, move your back slightly away from the back of the chair so that your spine can support itself. Your feet can rest on the floor. Close your eyes or look down. Focus your attention on your breathing as the air flows in and out of your body. Notice the different sensations generated by each inhalation and exhalation. Watch the breath without waiting for anything special to happen. There is no need to change the B2C Phone List natural rhythm. After a few moments, your mind may start to wander. As she becomes aware of this, she brings her attention back to her breath, gently. The act of noticing that your mind has wandered and bringing it back without criticizing yourself is central to the practice of mindfulness meditation. Your mind may be as still as a lake – or it may not. Even if you get a feeling of absolute peace, it may only be fleeting.

Minimizing does not however mean prohibition

If you need to access the VLE, ​​search for a video class or perform a specific search, accessing the internet is a necessity. The secret is to stay focused and direct our efforts to what is needed at the moment. 9. Invest in a good internet connection It is not possible to attend EAD college online classes without internet access. After all, videos are great learning resources, but they consume a lot of data. So, see if you can guarantee a good internet package and take advantage of carrier promotions. If it is not possible to have broadband internet at home or a robust data package on your smartphone, use the infrastructure of the campuses and distance learning centers of the institution where you study. There you will have computers connected to the internet available for student use. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning.

Is the goal realistic and within reach?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions It is very important that, during the study, you write down all your doubts and send them to the course tutor. You can also share them with colleagues in the AVA discussion forums. Studying at a distance does not imply the lack of contact with a mediator. Tutors are always Mexico Phone Number Data available to answer students’ questions. 11. Trace realistic goals It is very important to set goals. However, they need to be realistic. Don’t promise to read a whole book in just one day. Completing the task is even possible, but the most important thing is: how much did you learn from the content? The balance between quantity and quality must always be on the agenda. By setting realistic goals, you can better optimize your time and learn with quality. Returning to the example of the book: try to distribute the chapters by days.

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Why is completing this goal important?

When completing each one of them, try to reflect on the knowledge provided. Make summaries, deepen knowledge with complementary research. View learning as a daily build. You’ll see that, at points, the act of studying will be incorporated into your routine and things will get lighter. If you’re having trouble setting your goals, try trying the SMART method . The word SMART brings together five principles B2C Phone List Let’s see an example: S (specific): Define what you want to achieve in a clear and precise way. Ex.: Read chapter 1 of the book on Management Theory. M (measurable): What determines that you have achieved your goal? How can you measure your progress? Ex.: Complete Chapter 1 of the Management Theory book by Friday afternoon.

There are also institutions that offer the advantage

Just present the Certificate of There are also institutions Completion of the Course or the performance report at the secretary of the course and wait for the analysis of the university. With the entrance exam scheduled, the student is the one who decides the best date and time to take the test. In this way, the institution mainly benefits those who have a tight schedule and need to reconcile academic and professional life. How does the online vestibular work? Find out now! Do distance-learning students have the same training as on-campus students? Yes. Every distance learning college must be developed with the same quality as its face-to-face equivalent, in order to meet the requirements of MEC and professional councils.

How to enter the job market and build a successful

This means that it must have a minimum workload, address specific basic content and promote extension activities, according to the National Curriculum Guidelines for each undergraduate course. Universities and university centers do not differentiate the quality of the applied content, since the teaching Malaysia Phone Number Data staff is the same for both environments. The diplomas are produced in the same pattern for all the courses of the institution. a degree is to actively participate in the activities proposed in the classroom, in addition to maintaining a good relationship with professors and colleagues. This is all possible through the digital platform, with forums, chats and other communication channels. The most sought after courses by Brazilians in Higher Education Is distance learning college easier than face-to-face? No. Just like an on-site graduation, the EAD college requires students to deliver papers.

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Operating authorization In addition to accreditation

Do those who attend EAD college have vacations? Yes, in the same way as in face-to-face courses. Every higher education institution has an academic calendar that provides for class periods, holidays and vacations. Is there a difference in the diploma of those who attend EAD college? No. The diploma from an EAD college has the same validity as one obtained from an on-site graduation, according to MEC rules. There is B2C Phone List nothing in the document that specifies the modality in which the course was. Can someone who goes to EAD college get a job? Yes, because most companies do not even know the type of graduation attended by employees, as it is not mandatory information in the curriculum. The most important thing when entering the job market is to dedicate yourself to your studies, get an internship and create good relationships. with your classmates and workmates.

Especially for those who dream of a higher education diploma

The same goes for those who Especially for those want a career change or growth, without a complete change in their professional routine. Researching the Higher Education institution and checking its regularity with the Ministry of Education (MEC) , you can be sure that doing a distance graduation will open many doors in the job market. Below, check out the main questions about the teaching modality and understand why doing a distance learning college is worth it: How does an EAD college work? Are EAD college tuitions more affordable? What are the ways to enroll in an EAD college? Do distance-learning students have the same training as on-campus students? Is distance learning college easier than face-to-face? Do those who attend EAD college have vacations? Is there a difference in the diploma of those who attend EAD college.

Can someone who goes to EAD college get a job?

What to consider when choosing an EAD college? Where to do distance learning college with quality and recognition in the market? Find out if EAD is for you! How does an EAD college work? The EAD college is the best option for those who need to reconcile academic and professional life , as the courses offer classes on an online platform, called the Virtual Learning Environment (AVA). This makes it easy for the Lebanon Phone Number Data student to set up a personalized study schedule, according to the time available to study. It is important to have a good internet connection and a device (such as a laptop, tablet or cell phone) to access the VLE. Despite being a method developed to work at a distance, the distance learning faculty can also be offered in the blended modality: the student attends the theoretical.

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The important thing when choosing

In addition, universities and university centers always provide the physical structure for the student to use the laboratories and libraries when necessary. Are EAD college tuitions more affordable? Yes! In 2022, the average monthly fee for a distance learning college was BRL 178.00. Which represents a quarter of the average for face-to-face courses, which is BRL 733.00. The data is from Educa Insights . This difference B2C Phone List also exists within higher education institutions themselves. The same degree can be up to 75% cheaper if offered at a distance. Blended degrees also have more affordable tuition . This is possible thanks to a greater number of students taking the same course, which dilutes the institution’s costs. : Learn how to get a scholarship to start your college What are the ways to enroll in an EAD college? There are several ways to enroll in an EAD college, varying from institution to institution.

The academic calendar and areas for interactions

Between students and faculty in the VLE, ​​such as chats or study groups. Because it is an online model, distance learning students can organize their own routine and study shifts, without having to adhere to established class schedules, as in a traditional course. For many, this flexibility is one of the main advantages of this type of education. How do classes work in an EAD course? Each educational institution has its own dynamics when it comes to sharing content in the virtual environment, that is, there is no working standard for classes that must be followed by all. Despite this, in the vast majority of colleges, students are able to access classes through the teaching platform. For this, they use the login and password provided when registering for the course. Upon entering the teaching platform, all subjects related to the period the student is attending will be available.

Distance classes work in a similar way to face

For example: if the student is in the third semester of the Administration course, he will be able to access all the contents and classes referring to that phase of the course. When accessing each of the disciplines of the period, the student finds important information about the subjects, including recorded Laos Phone Number Data classes – or the dates of the live classes, as the case may be –, theoretical material, complementary contents and evaluation activities. The sequence of classes and other materials is strategically thought out by the faculty, ranging from the most basic to advanced content, so that students can gradually evolve. However, it is important to emphasize that students are free to access each subject content in the way and at the time they prefer.

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The main difference is that in distance

Do distance learning students need to go to college? It is very common for people to think that, because it is a distance course, they will never have to attend college. However, this is a myth, since distance learning has sporadic meetings throughout the semesters. These meetings take place in the face-to-face support centers of the universities. The frequency of these meetings varies according to each course and the B2C Phone List disciplines that are part of its curriculum. The most common, however, is for face-to-face meetings to take place once or twice a semester, especially to carry out assessments. How is the contact with professors in distance learning courses? This is a very common question among students who are thinking of starting an EAD course. In this teaching modality, teachers are responsible for teaching the contents of each subject virtually or, in some cases, live, through video lessons.

What is an EAD course Clarify all your doubts

Studying at a distance is a possibility that has been expanding to an increasing number of people. Despite this, it is still very common for doubts to arise in relation to this modality. After all, what is an EAD course? An EAD course is one in which the classes are available online, and the student organizes his study routine, accompanying the materials on the days and times he prefers. According to the 2020 Higher Education Census , in Brazil, distance learning courses received more enrollments than face-to-face ones, both in public and private networks, in 2020. According to the report, of the more than 3.7 million 2020 freshmen (in public and private institutions), more than 2 million (53.4%) opted for distance courses. In other words, distance learning has become the first option for many students.

These platforms are dynamic and intuitive environments

Is this your case? In this article, we will explain everything about distance learning courses and how to choose the best institution. Let’s go together? What is an EAD course? How does an e-learning course work? Distance learning course types What higher education courses are offered at a distance in Brazil? Who can do EAD? Distance Learning Student Profile What is the format of tests and assessment activities in Kuwait Phone Number Data distance learning? What do you need to have at home to take an EAD course? What to expect from an EAD course? How do the selection processes for distance learning courses take place? How to choose the best distance learning college? Much does it cost to take a distance course? Earn your degree at institutions recognized by the market Find out if EAD is for you! What is an EAD course? EAD is the acronym for distance learning.

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It is also possible for the student to access

It is used to identify the type of courses that take place in a virtual environment. That is, without the need for a physical presence at a university — or any other type of educational institution — for the learning process. This modality is regulated by specific legislation and can be implemented B2C Phone List both in basic education (youth and adult education and secondary technical professional education) and in higher education. The most sought after courses by Brazilians in Higher Education How does an e-learning course work? In distance learning courses, interactions between students and professors take place online, through the virtual learning environment (VLE ). On these platforms, the classes and activities that the student must complete in order to obtain the diploma or certificate of completion of the course are available.

This is the stage of recognizing the quality of the course

For two-year distance courses This is the stage, recognition is given immediately after completion of the first year. How to choose the right college? Check the checklist! How long is the EAD diploma valid for? Regardless of whether it is a diploma from an EAD course, face-to-face or blended, it has no validity. That is, its value does not expire over time. Therefore, there is no other answer to this question except that the distance learning diploma is valid for the entire life of the professional who graduates from the undergraduate course. Can I do a postgraduate degree with an EAD diploma? Yes! If you have an EAD diploma, you can continue your studies through a Lato Sensu or Stricto Sensu postgraduate course. Bearing in mind that the Stricto Sensu postgraduate course comprises the master’s and doctorate and the Lato Sensu, the MBA and specializations.

How to enter the job market and build a successful

However, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of postgraduate degree desired. For the Lato Sensu post-graduation, it is enough for the Teaching Institution to be duly accredited by the MEC. As for the Stricto Sensu postgraduate course, the scenario is different. In 2019, the Coordination for Korea Phone Number Data the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), a foundation linked to the MEC, regulated Stricto Sensu postgraduate distance learning, in Ordinance No. 90, of April 24, 2019 . However, there are still few private and public institutions that offer distance learning master’s and doctoral programs . Do you have to put EAD on your resume? No. as the face-to-face one, it is not necessary to mention in the curriculum that the classes were held at a distance.

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Discover other advantages of the EAD

Ideally, organize the list of courses taken from the most recent to the oldest to show recruiters that the professional is always up-to-date. Who has an EAD diploma earns less than who did a face-to-face graduation? No. There is no difference in salary for professionals train in distance learning. The salary will depend on the chosen degree (regardless of the modality), the minimum wage for the category, the size of the B2C Phone List employing company and the professional’s experience. How does the job market see the distance learning diploma? The EAD diploma is equally accept by the job market. That is, there is no reason to distinguish between professionals who graduate at a distance and those who complete their on-site graduation. After all, both modalities are recognize by MEC, which is a guarantee that the student, after graduating, is capable of working in the chosen area.

What to consider when choosing an EAD college?

When choosing the institution where you will attend your distance learning college, pay attention to these aspects: 1. Accreditation at MEC Your diploma will only be valid if the educational institution is accredited by the MEC. Therefore, access the e-MEC platform and do a search to ensure this. 2. , universities and university centers need MEC authorization to operate and open vacancies. In your search, confirm that the educational institution is recognized. 3. Location of the face-to-face center Even if the course is online, it is important that the college has a face-to-face center. Before enrolling, find out where the campus is and, preferably, go visit it. 4. Reputation of the institution Just by searching the MEC website, you already avoid a huge headache, but it’s still worth looking for information about the institution’s reputation.

If the student chooses to do an EAD postgraduate

Talk to professionals in the desired area to find out their perception of the quality of teaching and, above all, exchange ideas with other students. 5. Quality of professionals and teachers A good educational institution has qualified professionals and teachers. See the training and experience of the India Mobile Number Data teachers with whom you will have classes. It is important that they have specializations or master’s and doctor’s degrees in their curriculum. 6. Duration of the course In order for the professional to have the necessary training to work in the area, the curriculum and the workload must respect the curriculum guidelines established by the MEC for each course. Be wary of courses that are too short, less than 2 years in length.

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As the EAD diploma has the same value

How to choose the right college? Check the checklist! Where to do distance learning college with quality and recognition in the market? There are numerous universities and university centers offering distance learning degrees. if a Higher Education institution is recognize by the MEC, access the B2C Phone List e-MEC website and search for the name of the institution or the name of the graduation. Home screen of the e-MEC platform. reproduction Home screen of the e-MEC platform. reproduction Just fill in the main information on the form, such as the name of the university and teaching modality, for example, to get the result. The higher education institutions that appear on the MEC approve list were submit to the following stages : Accreditation: MEC certifies educational institutions. This process requires the submission of several documents and the fulfillment of several requirements; Authorization: after certification, educational institutions can request authorization to open vacancies.