Summary : 1 – Compare Search Trends by Geographic Location

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Summary : 1 – Compare Search Trends by Geographic Location

Google trends geolocation comparison Now, Google Trends allows any Internet user , and this, without any restrictions, to compare the search trends of a specific term by geographical location . In other words, an international brand that has just launched a marketing campaign to boost its presence in a new country will be able, for example, to follow in real time the search trends for its brand in this new country while comparing them to the trends research of a similar market. 2- Consult the history of search trends day by day trends google trends days From now on, Google Trends users will be able to make precise searches in the search trend history since they can now go all the way to day by day comparison .

While it is possible to view day/day data for a single term, it is of course possible to do this for multiple terms and also to compare periods for a similar or different term. The possibilities are multiple, it’s up to you to determine the use that will be the most relevant according to your KPIs and your problems. 3- Download data from one or more Google Trends charts in CSV Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List google trends data Until now, it was not possible to extract data from Google Trends via an export. This new feature will therefore allow us to analyze as we see fit the data extracted thanks to the many filters available on Google Trends. This new Google Trends data download feature can be accessed by clicking on the three small vertically aligned dots to the right of each graphical representation.

4- Integrating a Google Trends Graph on

Sites is now possible trends embed mobile Google. Trends now allows to integrate any graph on a site optimized for PCs but now also on responsive sites. The code to be integrated on a site is now optimized so that the display is ideal on mobile terminals.  As well as on PCs (it is possible to preview the final rendering before copying the code to be integrated on a site). In other words, the integrated Google trends graphs will now be responsive and will adapt to the size of the screens of the terminals. Used to view them. To copy the code to integrate on a website, just click: on the three small dots aligned on the right of the graphs then on. Integrate then copy the entire code located at the bottom left a new system to filter the results of search terms via.


Google Trends filter trends search google trends Now it is possible to filter Google. Trends results by search type . This new feature  interesting for queries that mean several things at once. Orange which can be the company, a color a fruit a city. Reminder on the data reported by Google Trends: “The results reflect the proportion of searches for a given keyword. In a specific region and for a specific period compared to the region where the rate of use of this keyword is the highest value of 100.

So a Value of 50 Means That the Keyword Was

Used half as often in the relevant region and a value of 0 corresponds to a region having less than 1% matches. Compared to one that obtained 100  Source Google Trends Compared to Keyword Planner. Which indicates average search volumes per query and per month. This data therefore gives a simple idea of ​​the search trends of local SEO Google My Business plays a significant role in optimizing its visibility on local queries. What are the factors that impact the positioning of.  My Business pages in the local insert dedicated to them in Google’s local search results? A recent study presents the main positioning factors.

Google local search In the search results for queries that it considers to local. Restaurant paris angers web agency etc  Google has been displaying for some years now. Google My Business pages which correspond, according to it at best to the query sought by the Internet user. If the Internet user can then click on the  other addresses. Link to see more on mobile as on PC the first 3 results of course monopolize the vast majority of clicks and visibility .

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