Study Methodology: 46 French-Speaking Seos

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Study Methodology: 46 French-Speaking Seos

Gave their opinion on 63 positioning criteria pre-selected by seo factors. Each criterion had to be rated between 0 and 100 by seo experts. A score of 0 means that the positioning criterion has zero impact on seo and 100 a huge impact (according to the seo). To weight opinions that were a little too positive or negative, the scores did not take into account the highest and lowest 10% of votes (sensitivity to extreme values). What are the 10 most important criteria for positioning yourself in 2015 on google according to french seos? According to french seos, the 5 most important criteria for positioning yourself in seo are as follows: 1 – optimization of the title tag: the main keyword targeted by a web page must indeed be present in the title tag.

The quality of dofollow links: the quality of netlinking is the second most important criterion for the positioning of a website according to the majority of french seos. 3- non-duplicated original content: if google penalizes duplicate content via various updates including Pakistan whatsapp number list panda having unique and quality content is unanimous among french seos when it comes to optimizing their seo. 4 – domain authority: for the same type of content, the same link profile, google will not assign the same seo position to the sites, it will use the authority of the sites to prioritize its results, plus a site has significant authority, the more likely it will be to rank first on google! 5 –

Link Anchors: Linked to Netlinking,

The anchor used to make links is one of the most important criteria for positioning a website on google. Even if google penalizes the over-optimization of link anchors with its google penguin algorithm, this positioning factor is still very important according to most of the seos interviewed (be careful, however, not to abuse it too much to avoid being penalized). 6 – the relevance of referring domains: a referring domain is a domain name that links to your website. The more you will have domain names with a good reputation as well as themes close to yours that will make you links, the more chances you will have of being well positioned in google.

7 – the diversity of link anchors: as seen above the quality of the links as. The anchor used are two very important criteria for positioning yourself in seo. The diversification of anchors makes your netlinking more natural and thus less detectable as fake by google. Of referring domains: if quality is one thing, many french seos still think that the quantity of referring domains. A site influences its seo positioning in the serps.

Still Plays an Important Role in the Positioning

The use of the lexical field: the repetition of the same keyword can seriously harm your seo. It is advisable to vary the keywords used in the pages as much as possible by using all the synonyms. Using all the words in the lexical field will also allow you to benefit from more long-tail queries. Which is far from negligible. The positioning factors that most negatively affect local seo: in local seo as in classic seo. There are factors that promote positioning but also factors that can affect it negatively .

Incorrect business category entered in google my business wrong address given mismatch of contact. On your website 5- reporting problems with your google my business listing. Mismatch of business name and phone number between your my business page and your landing page. Mismatch of your address between your my business page and your website. Presence of several google my business pages with the same telephone number absence of a section summarizing contact.

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