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According to a McKinsey survey direct contact with the company talking to someone in the flesh no matter what proves to be extremely helpful For 76 of B2B buyers who need to purchase a new product or service For the 52 of B2B buyers who need to reconsider the specifics of an already purchased service For the 15 of B2B buyers who have to buy the same product or service again  4 of B2B buyers prefer nondirect digital contact chatbot user manual etc.. Most B2B buyers require a balance between direct contacts interactions and digital solutions chatbots manuals howto videos etc.. However customer preferences can vary by industry.

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Since UX encompasses every aspect of the interaction between the end user and the brand companies must strive to create hybrid protocols Benin Phone Number List  that provide a UX supported by both analog and digital interactions . An effective UX is not only an optimized user interface or exceptional customer service but referring to the overall customer experience it involves every corporate touchpoint. According to McKinsey there are six phases to consider in designing the UX which correspond to the customer journey of the B2B buyer Identify products and services that satisfy a need Select the supplier and proceed to a first purchase.

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The unexpected Use the product and use customer service. Reorder products and services Perfecting. The UX in each of these phases can be. The key B2C Phone List to the success of a B2B strategy.  to align oneself. With an unprecedented profoundly agile mentality inscribing ones marketing strategies in the contemporary digital scenario. 17323 AML Blog Quote Image Crop 24 Back to index B2B marketing trend 2023 the ultimate guide 80 of B2B. Buyers expect a shopping experience similar to that experienced in a B2C exchange . B2B marketing strategies for 2023 cannot ignore this aspect.

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