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Spent Any Time on The Internet

Deserve, you can help the contributors to new customers and there is no discussion about who has the copyright. I say go for it. ahead. De websitebouwers krijgen daarbijColumn – With movies Ukraine Phone Number List and TV series you get a flood of credits in the credits. Everyone who contributed is mention. TV shows have credits in which the director. producer production company, and other contributors are credit. In magazines, newspapers.

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Free local papers you will find a colophon in which the names of employees and other people involved are mentioned, and such a colophon is also common for books. Why don’t websites have a colophon by default? Credit, where credit is due to A website, is almost always a co-creation of a website builder, photographer, copywriter, or copywriter.

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and in the best case also specialists in the field of design, marketing, UX, CRO, and whatever else you can think of. Surely they can also get their credits in, for example, a colophon? Especially when website builders almost always take their place in the footer? Website builders are often in the footer or socket You have probably noticed that many websites mention.

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