Spam Report: Google Would Process 65% of Reports!

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Spam Report: Google Would Process 65% of Reports!

During a conference dedicated to Search which was held in San José in the United States. A representative of Google would have indicated that 65% of the denunciations of sites because of. Spam would treated manually by the search engine. What is a Spam Report? google spam report A Spam Report is a manual action that an Internet user can take to denounce a site that tries to deceive Google to appear higher in the natural search results. Concretely, if a site uses one or more techniques listed below, Google could implement manual actions to penalize it following a Spam Report: Hidden text Link system ( overoptimized and unnatural netlinking ) Doorway pages Cloaking Misleading redirect pages Diverted content (copy of other content) Misuse of rich snippets Automatically generated content …

How do I report Spam to Google to report a website or a page that uses techniques contrary to. Google’s quality guidelines the search engine provides all Internet users with a. Webmaster tools (Search Console) account with a report form for spam . This form has  France WhatsApp Number List to be completed as precisely as possible if you want the Spam Report to be processed by Google. A field with the URL of the site to report a field with the request impacted by this spam A field to detail the report in 300 characters. Google has also written an article in English presenting how to properly report a site for Spam. If you want to report another problem to Google such as Phishing. isclosure of personal data, misuse of Google services, etc.

The Search Engine Has Created a Hub Page

Redirecting Internet users to the most appropriate reporting form depending of the problem to report. Some statistics on Google Spam Reports: If it is very easy to denounce a site via Google’s spam report form. Know until now if Google really took these denunciations into account. At a recent conference held in the United States, a Google representative Juan Felipe Rincon, indicated that. Google implemented manual actions for 65% of manual reports made by Internet users. The representative also indicated that on average, Google receives 35,000 reports per month.

Google would therefore take action on 22,750 websites or pages on average per. Month following denunciations from other webmasters. These reports are therefore not processed automatically an algorithm. Or a robot but manually by Google teams. The representative, however, did not indicate whether these figures were valid for the whole. World or simply for the United States. Finally Google indicated during this speech that certain Spam Reports are. Treated as a priority when the search engine knows that certain users are making good reports.

Thus, If You Make Many Quality Reports

It may well be that your next reports will be treated as a priority by the Google teams.The Google AMP carousel which highlights all news articles that have an AMP version was launched globally on February 24, 2016! EDIT: the Google AMP feature has been launched since February 24, 2016 in France and internationally. All sites that have an AMP version of their pages can therefore begin to see the impacts of the implementation. Not all publishers have switched to AMP pages yet, so still few Google Mobile search results offer the AMP carousel.

On the other hand, we imagine that these will take up more and more space in mobile. The official launch date of the Google AMP carousel is approaching. It may have been the announcement of the forthcoming international launch. And to all publishers, of Facebook Instant Articles that rushed things, but what is certain is that you very soon able to see a carousel of AMP articles in Google Mobile results in France. According to sources close to the AMP project, that the official launch in Google.

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