Some Tips for Communicating on Social Networks

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Some Tips for Communicating on Social Networks

Therefore, networks have taken hold of all areas of life in society: institutions, companies, citizens. Therefore, are represented, and the number of users in France is constantly increasing. Emotion and immediacy taking precedence over reason and reflection, it is not uncommon to see a simple parody spread on the networks as solid and indisputable information. Therefore, crisis catalysts, social networks and their virality represent a real danger for uninformed users, such as politicians. Regularly victims of bad buz, some still struggle to master the specific codes of these platforms. Also, in order to avoid the odds, Culture RP gives you 5 tips for communicating well on social networks during the election period. Therefore, controversy Be careful not to confuse electoral campaign and municipal newsletter, any publication likely to create confusion in the minds of voters may be subject to controversy.

Also, be sure to clearly differentiate the communication of the community from that of the candidate. Post neutral content It can be tempting to take advantage of the media coverage of upcoming municipal elections to support the launch of a new Uruguay WhatsApp Number List or a page on social networks. Know that it is strongly discouraged to do so, just as it is advisable to refer to the electoral deadline only to provide citizens with the necessary information: polling dates, methods of registration on the electoral rolls… In short, remain neutral and informative. 3) Measure the reach of your words Politicians are not always aware of the impact that a post on social networks can generate. Policy communication no longer goes unnoticed; it is now subject to critical scrutiny. Beware of “hot” publications , you can be spontaneous but do not lose sight of the function you embody.

Post Neutral Content

Adapt your speech to social networks the most publicized politicians have largely integrated the codes of social networks. Some have not understood that Facebook and Twitter are not suitable platforms for relaying official press releases. To be followed and influential. As you will have understood the consists of taking a picture of yourself in the voting booth with your ballot and posting the selfie on social networks.


French mayors active and followed on Twitter? What hashtagsmostly associated with? Insights conducted the survey on Twitter, see the results in this Responsible invites you to watch. This if we made the Bet(s) of mobility? On December 3, we celebrated the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. An opportunity to look back on the campaign organized on September 26, 2018 by APF France handicap. The association collaborated with the agency Brand Station and imagined a strong visual to denounce the lack of accessibility of the network. The Paris metro map diverted to only stations accessible to disabled people, i.e. 9 stations out of 303.

Adapt Your Speech to Social Networks

Act Responsible association created inspire promote and federate communications around social and environmental responsibilities. How to support Act Responsible? Like and share the campaigns brought together by the association on social networks. Become members and support the work of the association raise awareness and educate about great causes by organizing an exhibition. A screening. There are multiple ways to participate in each person’s expertise. The most important thing is to find a sincere and authentic meaning.

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