Social Networks: the Goose That Lays the

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Social Networks: the Goose That Lays the

Golden egg for creating subscriber traffic? The best advice for your social networks is to follow the example of the media! Major media get on average 20 to 30% of their traffic through social networks. A figure that is only waiting to grow with the creation of a loyal relationship with your audience. The animation of social networks also generates a good flow of traffic and attracts a significant volume of potential customers. However, not all social networks are in the same boat when it comes to opportunities for your business. Facebook, or the reach empire The social network works on the basis of an algorithm that “matches” a user’s interest in the brand’s content and the rate of interaction

On this content by his friends or other similar user profiles. In a dark way it gives you the possibility to display your brand publications on a maximum of news feeds. Twitter, the network par excellence to build an audience. The second actor on social networks the Guatemala WhatsApp Number List of making the most interesting Tweets extremely viral. These being widely taken up by the community to be retweeted ad infinitum, this is why a tweet, if it often has a lifespan of less than 10 minutes. Nevertheless be taken up ad infinitum to create new interest in content.

Good Practice on Twitter Is to Follow as Many

subscribers as possible in order to receive followers in exchange or as thanks. And thus increase your own volume of subscribers. To do this, nothing beats sending top quality information to encourage your subscribers to relay them. The official personal branding and social selling network! Reserved for professionals. Allows you to put a company page online and offers the possibility. Of registering for groups organized by theme or by profession. But it is the brand’s sales. Representatives and influencers who will be the best relay of your site’s content.

In practice, an effective platform on Pulse, the network dedicated to the expression. Of attract you traffic rich in volume and well targeted. Linkedin is gradually becoming a very strong network in quality content and prospects on content watch. Pinterest works in the form of tables, so the image is essential. It’s about exchanging, commenting, sharing, being close to a community. That comes together around the same center of interest. Very active in the fashion and gastronomy sectors, Pinterest has also become a very active network in terms of computer graphics Google+ or Tumblr Instagram , YouTube or even Vimeo and Dailymotion are also significant sources for generating traffic to your website.

None of These Networks Should Be Overlooked

Because they all have, each in their own way, the ability to relay your offer Especially when it takes the form of a contest promo code. Publish forums and promote Native Publishing Yes referral traffic is often a very effective lever for acquiring. Targeted traffic and at the same time boosting your legitimacy also your SEO with backlinks. From authoritative sites. Guest blogging, or native publishing if paid, is an exchange of good practice between bloggers who mutually. Invite each other to publish articles on their respective blogs. This practice can be a strong traffic generator if you manage to get yourself quoted or introduced by a renowned blogger.

Knowing that the best of them can communicate on a readership of several hundred thousand readers, even millions for some. However, having the good fortune to be relayed by these trendsetters is not free unless you have a product that is original and innovative enough to make Tilt. Present on various forums related to your sector of activity. As an expert. And appearing with relevant comments on different blogs you also manage. To reach an audience directly concerned your offer. Even if we don’t recommend it, working without Google is no small feat.

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